Rio Ab Belt - specific questions

cometbunnyNovember 3, 2001

Hi everyone!

I have just ordered the Rio Ab Belt from an online vendor and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I was hoping to tap into the forums knowledge of the system and ask a few specific questions:

1. Results: Does anyone out there use this system? How often? What are the results (favorable and otherwise)? Have you had any fat loss or simply toning of the muscles?

Can you use it on other parts of the body?

2. Health Concerns: Is it safe to use on a very regular basis? Has it left any burns or scars? As far as intensity levels go, what should you start at and when does it begin to damage muscle tissue?

I know it's a lot to ask of everyone, but knowledge is power and I do appreciate it heartily! If you like, please email me, I would love to have a veteran Rio users to chat with. (

Thank you!


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its all about the rio ab belt, afordable quality product

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