Toning or Stretching

VickeyNovember 1, 2001

Okay I've been "Walking away the pounds" but find I would like to "speed up" the looking better process. So I have a couple of questions.

1. What is the difference between toning and stretching?

2. I'm VERY overweight (I hate the word obese, so use VERY instead), which would be more benificial? I really want to loose the belly!

3. What video's would you recommend - remember it has to be BEGINNER.

Thanks to all.


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Vickey, Both toning and stretching are important. you need to do some toning and then stretching when you are done. I would suggest looking into the Body For Life exercise routine. It is not alot to do but very effective. I tried the program for two weeks and could see results in my arms already. I did not follow the eating plan though, I think it is more geared towards weight lifters, not dieters, I actually gained on the plan. And yes, I know muscle weighs more than fat and I probably didn't gain weight after all, but still, I have about 30-35 more pounds to lose and I want to lose it, not just tone up the fat I have. If you would like the info on the exercise routine you can email me.


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You might try Callanetics - I think there's a beginner video. The regular "Callanetics" video also includes suggestions for beginners, people with back problems, etc. See the Callanetics thread on this forum.

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Vickey, go to I believe they have something that when you type in your level of fitness and your goal there are suggestions for what type videos you can try.

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"Toning" is generally strengthening and tightening muscle. "Stretching" is extending muscle to keep it supple and flexible. Both are very important. Stretching before your workout can prevent injury. Stretching after your workout, when the muscles are nice and warm, can improve flexibility. Strengthening muscle can actually help you burn fat more quickly. The more muscle you have, the better your metabolism. A great exercise routine includes aerobics, strength training, and stretching.

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