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marci_paNovember 14, 2005

Good Morning!

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Starting today Merury is in Retrograde for 3 weeks - it is suppose to delay communications and travel - so allow yourself extra time to get places and pay your bills early LOL.

My dads service was beautiful and I was able to even get up and read something I had prepared, but didn't think I could do it.

Saturday Menu:
B - scrambled eggs
L - small pasta salad with broccoli
D - Salad and Bouillabaise (?Sp)
Midnight Snack - Peanut M&Ms

Sunday Menu:
B - Bagel with nothing on it
L - 2 cookies - no appetite at all
D - Mixed green salad with chic pea fritters and burratta cheese AND a glass of Chardonnay; orrechitto pasta with broccoli rabe, garlic and toasted almonds AND a glass of Primitivo Toricoda; Seabass with black olives and cherry tomatoes AND a glass of Negroamaro; apple cake with creme anglais AND a glass of Moscato d'Asti. This was a meal based on Puglia, the region of Italy known as the Spiked Heel.

I am hungry just posting that meal - it was delizioso!

Hope everyone is well and checks in.

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that should be Mercury not Merury - I guess I am already experiencing a problem with communications.

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Good Afternoon,

Marci, Tara wears a 24 month jeans and 2T or 3T shirt. Sometimes I buy the 3 so she will have room to grow. She is into Dora, Strawberry Shortcake, and Winnie the Pooh and friends.

This weekend was a blur. Will write more tomorrow.


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OK goils---TADA!!!

It's time for the:


(drumroll, please!)

Patti sends to Dee
Tikanas sends to Patti
Marci sends to Besh
NHSuzanne sends to BJ
Raeanne sends to Jen
BJ sends to Maddie
Jen sends to Tikanas
Joanne sends to NHSuzanne
Dee sends to Marci
Besh sends to Joanne
Maddie sends to Raeanne

Alrighty--now the fine print:

Lets do the feng shui theme. I don't know much about it either, but this should be fun to learn about. Add anything else your heart desires, too.

AND... if you thought you'd be stuck with that tacky ornie from last year, think again--pack it up, and send it one to your new pal--just be sure to say who sent it to you orginally. If you can not bear to part with it, then pick something even more tackier, and pass that one on. Just let us know what stuck your fancy as to why you kept the first one.

gotta go--Bass Pro is opening in 1/2 hour, and I've been waiting for this for months!! LOL!!!


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and I forgot to mention the opening date:

how about 12/22??

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This is going to be so much fun. Thanks MADDIE!!! I love the idea of sending your tacky ornament off to your new partner.

Tikanis - I don't know if I can part with my ornament (I may have to alter it slightly to make it more a PG rating LOL).

Maddie - you are wonderful for doing this each year and thank Rog for picking our partners. Have fun at Bass Pro.

I am posting a link on Feng Shui, I think it is very simple to understand and keeps it uncomplicated. Just think of your front door as the Career section and work from there. Where you see the bagua (floor plan/map), just click on each section and it will explain. Keep it simple and have fun.

Here is a link that might be useful: Feng Shui basics

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Gah lost my post because it contained some html comments or some profanity? Has this happened to anyone else? I swear it wasnt and $%^$&$^ profanity but there is some now!

I will have to post again later, need to get back to work :(

Basically I did not get the job, again, and other than that not much is new.

Take care everyone


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Good Morning All,

John, don't be discouraged losing that job only means you will be available for a great job that you probably don't even know about yet!

Things are progressing along here. DH is going stir crazy and he is making me nuts. All quite predictable! The weekends are the worst when DSS is home then it gets tense. But DH's graft is healing well and coming along as planned without trouble so far! Only 4 more weeks.................arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh In the first week we have had some real doozies!

I did manage to get out for some riding this past weekend. The weather was heavenly and even though it's way past peak there is still some vibrancy and color in the woods. The horses are donned with bells to make noise for the hunters, and we are donned in our bright orange garb for safety as well. This is a glorious time to be in the depths of the woods because the leaves are gone and you can see very deeply into the forest. I love the sound of rustling leaves under the horses feet and it sends up a wonderful earthly aroma.

DSS's BD is this Thursday so I am going to start baking him a spectacular chocolate cake. It's raining and sleeting out today so it's a perfect day to stay in. I am also going to make cranberry sauce of TDay.

I haven't gotten caught up with posts but I see we have the exchange set!! It will be fun with a good theme.

BTW: Does anyone know what happended to the baby picture thing that we were going to do?? I know I sent one of me to Marci a long time ago.

Hugs to everyone today.

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Hey, I am sorry, but I can't bear to part with my tacky ornament from last year. I will find something in place of it.

Maddie, I wish I could send you my list for Bass Pro!

John, The right job will come along. These employers just don't know what they're missing.

Better run.


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Checking in, lost 3 pounds since I began posting my menus.

HereÂs my crummy menu for SATURDAY. I didnÂt feel like cooking!

1 egg/2 egg whites w/
a slice of chopped sausage and some feta cheese cooked in

RoldGold cheese pretzels (1 serving)
100 cals worth of Brie cheese, sliced thinly

(on the run---ate in the car---"Bad Girl!")
16 ounce mocha
GeniSoy crisps (1 serving=100 cals)

Regular RoldGold stick pretzels (1 serving)
100 cals Brie cheese
Strawberry-Kiwi Propel water made by Gatorade Corp.
(10 yummy cals)

Sliced honey dew melon
Fruit juice and sparkling water (100 cals)

Red tea & raspberry juice w/ sparkling water (130 cals)
GeniSoy Salt and cracked pepper crisps (2 servings 200 cals)


3 egg whites only omelet w/
sliced mushrooms, diced tomatoes, and a little low fat cheddar
coffee w/cream

Ham, bacon, and bean soup
(170 cals, 9 g fiber, 9 g protein.1 g fat)
GeniSoy salt-n-vinegar chips

GeniSoy chips

Asian chicken stir fry

Piece of cake
Green tea w/honey

---Watched the movie Hitch---WORTH RENTING! Â
especially for the ÂSpecial Features section!
The dance lessons portion is *HILARIOUS*


Coffee w/ cream
(knew I was having lunch with an old friend and wanted to save the calories!)

Claim Jumper blue cheese/iceberg wedge salad
Bran muffin
(arg! too much food  uncomfortably full - will I learn my lesson? Chances are, NO!)

Cheese pretzels
Brie cheese

(Went to meet 15 y.o. DDÂs new boyfriendÂs parents  they own a New York Pizza parlor. DANGER! They gave us a deep discount on our pizza and salad meal!))
Greek Salad
Slice of cheese pizza - stopped at one and was happy.


(Bad girl  I had a deadline for a LARGE project this afternoon and ate at my desk--ALL DAY!)
Pretzels and cheese Âtwice
Coffee  would you expect anything less?

WW bread and cheese sandwich
Coffee w/ cream

----Went to an hour-long local water aerobics class to de-stress and exercised. This felt SO good!

----Back to the office and finished off project---then to post office to priority mail it! Then BIG sigh of relief!)

½ cup pasta
Swedish meatballs (about 400 cals)
2 slices of baguette

Celestial Seasonings Diet Tea - GOTTA DETOX from the day!

I'll post to the latest happenings after I read them in the morning. AND I'll get it together and eat better tomorrow.

Love and hugs!

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QOD: Love the exchange idea (Patti, I sent Tikanas that awful ornament which you will inherit this year...apologies! LOL). Are we going to leave the selection up to the giver, or should we answer some general question? For example: "I could use a change in my -------- situation"

Went to the nutritionist and got some very good, specific-to-me advice. The appointment went over 2 hours while we painstakingly went over 2 examples of my food days (one was a heck of a binge day!) It was not easy, but we made up a schedule and food plan that literally cuts half of my calories (which were surprisingly high). Yesterday was my first day, and I could not finish all the food I had prepared. It was amazing! The best advice I got was to eat my breakfast BEFORE I go out to walk at 6:15am.

B: Old fashioned oatmeal (1 cup); 1 cup baked apples (Splenda)
S: 6 oz Light & Fit Yogurt
L: 2 oz turkey on whole wheat, lettuce and Smart Balance "mayo". 2 cups of mixed veggies (was supposed to eat a medium fruit but was too full)
S: Swiss Miss sugar-free Hot Chocolate and 7 almonds
D: 2 cups broccoli, normal portion of lasagna (made with turkey sausage, my sauce, part-skim ricotta and part-skim mozarella), 2 cups salad with Good Seasons dressing
S: supposed to have snack, but was too full!
water, water, water

My purpose is really not to lose weight, but to control my blood pressure and hopefully come down off some of my meds. With this in mind, our strategy is to get more veggies into my meal plans because they draw unwanted edema away from my blood vessels. Plus, they fill me up, so that a side result may be that I lose weight! She told me to ask the question "is this food good for my blood presure" before I eat it. If I have a candy bar in my hand, she wants me to remember that whatever is inside that wrapper will become part of me and part of my blood vessels. Easy for her to say....she's like 90 lbs!, but it's a new, different approach for me, and not a diet. I've tried everything else, so it's time for a change. To make a difference, I need to do something different.

John, I'm still holding good thoughts that something wonderful will be coming your way. :-)


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I think one of our Feng Shui experts should come up with a short questionaire to help those of us who are Feng Shiu illiterate.

Besh - I can't send my tacky ornament to you, because you sent it to me! I will have to go in search of something different.

NHSuzanne - I am more than willing to still do the baby contest, but I only received 2 pictures. If any one wants to still have the contest, I will post about it again after
the holidays and remind people to send or email me their pictures. Anyone still interested?

DeeMarie - I would love to go to a nutrionist. My niece is getting her masters in Nutrition. I should sit down with her and ask for her advice. That is a great question. I should have it tatooed on my hands. I usually complain AFTER I eat something bad. Maybe if it was on my hands, I wouldn't reach for that piece of chocolate or buy those M&Ms in the first place.

Yesterday's menu:
B - Blueberry yogurt, Kashi GO Lean Crunch, sliced almonds and blueberries

L - SBD whole wheat crackers, string cheese and an apple
Green tea

S - Lemon Zest Luna Bar

D - 1/3 of a spinach salad from Costco

S - Handful of Quaker Oat Bran cereal

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Marci, I love Lemon Zest Luna Bars!!!!

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Me too!! LOL

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Well, today has been, for lack of a better word, bizarre. One of my grear nephews died very suddenly over the weekend, and was creamated. The memorial service was today, and you know, never mind--just even thinking about the can of worms that has opened makes me tired, and maybe if I don't think about things, I can stick my head in the sand. My ""family"" has reared it's ugly, painful head, and I can not deal with this. I. Can. Not. I do not have the strenght anymore, and things that painful that have been buried for all of these years should not be paraded now. I. Can.Not.Do. This. And I am so tired of the lies, the secrets, the everything. The anguish that was such a part of me, that I managed to beat down, and lock in a room in my heart is back, and the wounds are still raw, still bleeding, and I can not stand to look at them. Nor me in a mirror, because it shows the ravages of my hurt. Of lost years. Of the girl that I once was, and that someone stole and brutialy murdered. I still mourn for her, what I once was. And to see these people again, today, ripped it wide open.

I.Can.Not. Not now, not ever.

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DeeMarie and Marci: I like your format for recording your menus. I think I'll go to that one, since mine are taking up too much space when I list in a list format. I was trying to separate the different foods, but who cares really. DeeMarie! The nutritionist sounds like a sensible one. I like her style. Let us know how it goes.

Maddie! Hugs to your furbaby again. And congrats on your job! Glad you like it! Sounds like a great, relaxed work atmosphere, but then, who can take themselves seriously in a casino? I'd love it. Ka-ching! I can't send back your tacky ornament. Our family is too attached to it, but we will replace it for you with an ornament of equal or lesser value! lol! Thanks for running the Christmas exchange, sis!

Raeanne~ Happy to hear your dad's service went well. And it sounds like you had enough family and food to even things out as well. You are a very brave lady to speak at such an emotional time, but I bet that felt so good to you that you had the opportunity to honor your father. I love to hear daughter and sons talk about their parents at services - I always get teary-eyed and carry Kleenex with me always! Well, my printer went wacky while I was printing pics for the family calendar this year, so Mercury is doing it's thing, I guess-at least in my part of the world!

Jen! It's always good to hear from you. Are you making homemade holiday cards again this year? I don't know how you do it! Drive on!

NHsuzanne~ Glad you were able to get out and ride this week! The musty smell of the dirt and fallen leaves on the trail in the fall is such a thrill to experience. It means winter is on the way - cold and rainy here, but the fall days are beautiful, crisp, and clear, and I love to walk in the wooded bridle trails behind my house. When the horse riders are out on the weekend, you can hear the heavy foot steps coming and the see the steamy breath of the horses and take in smell the leather of their saddles. The kids and I love it.

John: ((((((HUGGLES))))) Basically, my sentiments follow DeeMarie. You will get the job your destined to get---keep applying for the ones you REALLY want. Don't lower your standards. *YOU* and your sense of humor about life are your assets. If all else fails, do what I did and just shoot for something different that you've always wondered abut doing---even if you have no experience at it---enthusiasm and willingness to learn shows through! Didn't you say you always wanted to own a restaurant? Why not start saving and planning for THAT? You already have a some yummy recipes to put on the menu!

Well, I am sorting papers and getting neccessary paperwork things done today. We're headed for the island on Friday night. I always come back 2 pounds heavier than when I go there. Must be the ferry ride; maybe I'll walk the car deck this trip - over and over again--it's over an hour getting there!

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Wow, Maddie. We posted at the same time. It sounds like you are really, really hurting. Your pain is very evident in your post. Can Roger comfort you in any way? Or do you have other friends that are like family? It's times like this that the internet makes everyone seem too far away. Wish we could be there to help you in anyway you need. Does your workplace have a grief program? Or the local church or anyplace?

Check with the funeral home to get into a grief support group. Just call them. It is important that you get to mourn and grieve the girl inside that you lost, the family you were separated from, and the loved ones you are missing. You can start to live again, but there's some healing to do and it's going to take time.

(((((((((((HUGS and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE))))))))))))

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((((Maddie)))) I don't know what to say except that we love you. Your past pain has made you the person you are today, and Roger loves that person and so do we.

If you can't do this, then don't. Resolve to go forward!! and don't look back.

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Hello Ladies,

Big Huggs Maddie, im so sorry you are in pain and the past is causing it. I dont have anything divine to say but can tell you what I do when the past gets me down. I write down the people and events that are from the past that hurt me or I regret on 3X5 cards. I take all the cards and read through them one last time. I then put them in a paper bag and burn it in a fireplace or someplace else safely. As the bag burns I try to imagine all of thoes worries going up and smoke and letting them go. I hope you feel better sooon, your in all of our thoughts.

Also thanks for the well wishes about the job. Same old story, I had a good interview and good skills, but someone else had better qualifications.... anyhow I will keep looking I guess, not sure what this dream job is im being kept availible for, but I sure hope it involves play boy bunnies or lots of cashola!

take care everyone, eat healthy today, feel good tomorrow!


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Oh Maddie!! (((HUGS)))!! I know that feeling and can't imagine going hru that again! Praying for strength and wisdom for you.

More later....


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[[[[[[Maddie!]]]]]]]] I've done what John has done with the written word and the burning...I've done it many times. It brings a strange ending to lots of it. Wish I didn't have to make this hug virtual. You know we all love you dearly and want to help. BJ had a great idea about the group. Hope you will come by often.

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Good Morning All,

Maddie, (((((HUGS))))) Your post scared the he// out of me when I read it. Frankly, it sounded like a suicide note. I am feeling your pain and I am telling you that you need to do something about it fast. A grief support group is a good way to express your grief, hurt and anger so that you don't have to jam all that pain into a tiny space in your heart and soul. It never goes away but you can learn to accept it the for what it is and put it on your "bookshelf" to be taken down only when you want or need to. Please let us know that you are okay today. We all love you here. You will always be the girl you once were but you will have to look harder into your heart and soul to see her. Please let us know you are okay. We are all pulling for you here.

I spent time yesterday doing some feng shui. I revived my table top fountain that I made years ago from rocks that I polished myself plus some nice crystals and geodes that I have collected. I have it in the career bagua of my home. I also hung my crystals in the trouble part of my home. The first being where my front door opens to a stairway and there are two in my bedroom. I had a fun time doing this and I am looking forward to more. I want to concentrate on the health and family baguas next.

Raeanne, the link you posted was pretty helpful for this.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day. Yesterday was strange here. It was very, very humid and warm late in the afternoon. By evening we had pouring rain and thunderstorms. It was so warm that I was tempted to take a walk in the rain which I love to do but it was so dark. Today is bright and sunny.

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An alternative to burning your cares away is drinking margueritas...

not really.

Maddie~ One of the teachers at school had the kids write their fears, failures, and worries on pieces of paper. Then she trekked the kids outside and across the school grounds to the woods. They dug a hole, ripped up all the papers, and put them in a 'shoebox casket' with "RIP" written on it. They ceremoniously buried the kids' concerns, in a healthy way. The kids were free to succeed that year and bloom, free from the bonds of negativity.

Check in. We'll all be thinking of you all day today.

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Maddie, dear friend,

This may seem like a bizarre post, too, but I hope it's okay. I hear your pain, and I feel like I understand what you are saying. Bless you for coming here and sharing your grief with us. It shows how much you trust us to reach out that way.

You've said several things. One was "...Of the girl that I once was, and that someone stole and brutally murdered. I still mourn for her, what I once was." Sometimes in this life, we experience things that are simply unbearable, and we experience painful and genuine deaths of a self we loved, over which we grieve, and then we go on as best we can...or sometimes not. This is very sad and hard to deal with. I have a friend who says he has a little graveyard in a forest clearing where he has buried those persons he tried to build who died (were brutally killed). He visits the graves from time to time and leaves flowers, and he says that he has little strenth left to try again. I've even done paintings of a grave that I sat on or lay on, but I don't have them with me now. We sometimes lose others, too, in the same way - not through physical death, but psychological death. I've often thought to myself that even the strongest can become exhausted and discouraged when the pain and challenge are too much.

This sharing is very personal, and maybe I shouldn't put it here, but there are others, too, who have experienced such senseless disaster and such losses, and a kind of insanity that there seems to be no accounting for. I held on to a part of myself that I loved for years and then I let her die because she wanted to go, and we (inside me) had a gathering for her. We sang songs and told stories and cried. Is everything the same now as it would have been just because I faced the pain? No. Such things still feel unbearable when I think of them. But I keep finding new ways to deal with it - just found a new one last week, in fact, having to do with focusing on my breath, the universe, and the pain at the same time. And somehow, I still think we can hold hands, and be here for each other and cry together if we need to, and stay together and help each other through.

I'll see if I can email you. I'm not sure if I have your address anymore. Mine is amylynne9(at) Please write to me if you feel like it. Love to you and bless you for all the courage you've shown and all the love you've given. ((((((Maddie)))))) See you again soon.

For others going through a hard time, I've been thinking of you and saying prayers. Sorry I'm not around more, but I still love everyone here. You all have a special place in my life and my heart. Thank you for being here.

Today I'm going to the dentist - still trying to save my teeth, lol. I always get sick after I go out for a few weeks, so I'm not looking forward to it. I wouldn't mind a few prayers and good thoughts sent my way, too. :) ((((((group hug)))))))


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I was thinking, too, that you could call a mental health hotline in your area if you need to. that's what they are there for. I don't know if you have ever used antidepressants, but they are good for getting a person through an impossible time. They take the edge off at least while you work on things in other ways. We need people like you, who care. We need to work together to try to make the world a better place. I've worked on it my whole life and still am. The challenges seem insurmountable at times, but in spite of the pain that seems to be everywhere, I am convinced that our caring and our efforts still matter. The caring and effort you have poured into life have made a difference even if you might not see it now. Please do whatever you need to do keep yourself breathing and eating and resting and taking care of yourself, and let us know how you are doing. okay, going to email you now. :)

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An amazing post, Amy.

As usual, you just know what to say - it's evident you've been there. Thanks for popping in. Whenever you do, we're all the richer for it.

And more HUGS, Maddie. Check your voicemail, sis.

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Oh, and Amy, positive thoughts on your dentist visit. Be brave. And take care.

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Maddie, I wish I had those special words to say to you to magically get you through. You are such a fun outgoing person, it is so hard for me to visualize you at the other end of that spectrum. Please be good to yourself and please find someone to talk to. Ofcourse we are always here for you, but I think that you need a warm body right now. Please check in and let us know how you are doing. I am worried for you.

Love, Besh

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Amy, though you don't post very often, you are a part of us. Thank you for sharing, and best wishes on your dental appointment.

Maddie, I've thought of little else except you this afternoon.

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Maddie~I agreed with NH Suzanne's post. I'm glad that you felt that you could come here & post. You know that we all love you, Sis! Your new job sounds dreamy. Thanks for doing the Christmas exchange each & every year.

Besh~I'm glad that you enjoyed your gift.

DeeMarie~Your trip sounded like a lot of fun, not to mention the relaxation that you must have had.

BJ~You are doing so good on your weight.

Joanne~I was glad to see you post. We have to meet up again.

Jen~I was glad to see you post.

Amy~I was glad to see you post.

John~I was glad to see you post & I think that you posted my daily menu. LOL I so want you to get the right job for you.

Marci~Any plans for coming here anytime soon? The weather is warmer. LOL Our DS#1 paid for us to visit he & DDIL for Thanksgiving so we leave on Monday & come back on Friday. We will see lots of other family too.

Raeanne~I'm so proud of you. I don't know if I could have done what you did. DMIL & DFIL sent their last wishes this week & it just made me feel so sad. Dave thinks that his DM is not going to last much longer. She is young. I think, 66.

Tikanis~Yes, we will get together. Just let me know when is a good time for you.

ta-ta Patti :)

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I just got off of the phone with BJ, and had a good cry on her. I can not type what was said, but the years of pain and hurt that I have tried so hard to ignore was brought back to me yesterday by some of the people that caused me my hurt. And they acted like everything was fine while inside I was screaming. I can not deal with this any more because i have spent my whole life dealing with this, and I am tired. All i want is to be left alone from these people, no more, no less. I have created my own life, my own family, and I do not want them in it.

You all have become part of my family, too. Where else could I go with this, but to you all?

Suzanne, please forgive me for scaring you--At one point, during the he//, you would have had cause to worry, but never again. Never.

So, I pick myself back up, and start again. Maybe this time, I'll be able to keep standing. If not, I know that I have many hands here--

I love you all--


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Maddie I am so happy that you are feeling better. I have been very worried about you.

I have to tell you all that as I was just reading Maddie's post through teary eyes I couldn't help but think what an amazing group we are here. Though few of us have met in person, it is just astonishing to me how much we all care for and love one another. I feel so lucky to have all of you in my life.

Love, Besh

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Maddie~You truly do have many hands here willing to hold you up when you are weary. I think that we have all felt that we needed to come here b/c it was our "safe" place. And, you know that Dave & I left our families & came to FL & did not get back in touch with them until just the past few months. We had to have time to heal.

Marci~I forgot to mention the books. I'm reading "In Her Shoes" by Jennifer Weiner. I'm envious of you being able to go to the book store & go "wild". LOL Let me know if you read anything of interest.

Again, Maddie, I'm glad that you posted.

ta-ta Patti :)

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Just read all the posts
Maddie - when I read your post I had to scroll down to see if you had checked back in. My heart was in my throat my friend. Whatever pain these "people" have caused you, you are strong and resilient and I know will pick yourself back up. And if you need our hands to help you stand and keep standing just say the word!

My thoughts and prayers are with you and all my friends here!

I off for three days with the sorority girls but will check back in on Sunday night.


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Good Morning All,

Maddie, I am so happy to hear from you again. You did indeed have me worried. I know the kind of unbearable emotional pain that family can cause and I hope that this time you will let the pain flow from you and out into the universe where it will have no meaning instead of stuffing it back into the tiny place in your heart. As my dear friend Raeanne said to me once "Cast your sorrows to the ground and let your spirit soar!!" That has become one of my mantras and it works.

Besh you are so right. This is an amazing group of people. I can't think of anywhere else I can come and let it all hang out without fearing some kind of judgement. I too, feel very lucky to have you all in my life.

BJ, thanks for your email.

Joanne, you birthday package arrived and I am anxiously awaiting Sunday to open it!! Have fun on your weekend away.

Raeanne, did I miss something? Where for art thou?

Amy, thanks for the sage words. It's great to be able to share our thoughts and emotions and it's good to know you are still here with us.

John, the job market is so competetive right now that it's hard to even get an interview. The jobs that I am going after have had 30-50 repsonses! and an interview is very hard to come by. Keep your chin up and try to feel good that you at least got the chance to interview. Something good is coming but in it's own time!

DH is getting very stir crazy and I don't know how to help him. His leg is progressing very well but he still has to stay down at least until December 4th when we see the surgeon again. I would like to rent a wheel chair and take him out somewhere for a change of scenery but it has to be a chair that will let him get his leg elevated above his heart. I don't know if they make them like that.

A few of my hags with nags friends are taking me to dinner tonight for my birthday. I am looking forward to getting out for a while. It won't be our usual wild night like we have when we have a sleep over but my house is the only place that we can do that and it's not going to happen right now! Oh well.

I will check in later.

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It's good to see you, Maddie. Wanted to call you on my way home from the office last night but the phone was in my briefcase, which was in the back seat. You should have seen me on the interstate driving 65mph reaching into the back...such a sight! I felt it was safer to keep both hands on the wheel.

Gotta run to about 3 meetings, then off to the grocery store and to BJs (like a Sam's club).

Will catch up later...
[[[[[[[[[[[[[HUGS]]]]]]]]]]]]] to all my sisters and brother John here.

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Hi all--

Kinda better today, had some more bad news last night, and then this afternoon. Ah, me. You know, i think with me going back ot work, and therefore not seeing Rog for days on end, probably has a bit to do wih this. His presence is comforting, and I haven't had that since all of this blew up. I can see sitting down for a big talk here, shortly.

Pattii--you have hit it on the head. Here is my safe place. Here, and with only one other person, can I let it go, and know that I will be loved, no matter what drivel I may spit out.

On a completely different note, do we still hafta pay? I know that the KT went free, but I got an email to pay up (12/8). JW--

Well, work is interesting. I started training last Thurs, and I went solo yesterday and Weds. I did screw up, but we were able to fix it, but I feel bad. Wait--no, I don't. They were 2 honest mistakes, I owed up to them, and I was able to fix them both. I'll do better tomorrow--(but it's hard when you've got 2 people training you, and they are completely different!) It's a fun place, though. We all got turkey's today--yikes!!! 2500+ frozen turkeys!

Oh, and a dear GF is meeting me tomorrow at the casino--we're having a later lunch, and gossip--heehee! :) She's been my bud for almost 30 years, and I'm really lookinf forward to it! :)

Thanks again for all of your love and support--you all are the best!

Love and hugs,


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Just checking in on my friends.

NH Suzanne~I think that they do make those type of wheel chairs but I cannot guarantee it.

Maddie~It is always so nice to have a husband to lean on. I know that Dave has helped me through so many things in my life.

DeeMarie~Glad that you chose safety. We need you around here a long time.

Joanne~Enjoy your time off.

Marci~Let me know what books you bought. I got to thinking about that last night & I should have asked you then.

ta-ta for now~Patti :)

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Hi! TGIF!!!!

What a week. The full moon must have affected the kids! LOL

Maddie - Glad you are feeling more like your self. Thanks for letting us know you are ok.

Patti - I bought some old books from my TBR pile. An old Margaret Atwood title- Alias Grace, The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, Light on Snow by Anita Shreve. I also picked up A Million Little Pieces by James Frey and The Glass Castle by Jennifer Walls, both NF. Not sure when I will get to read them, as I can't seem to find the time to read without falling asleep! LOL Maybe over Christmas vacation.
I am not sure when we will be going to Florida. Probably not until the spring. DS is now in Clearwater, but not that far from his old place in St. Pete. He is coming home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I am happy about that.
That was nice that DS paid for you to travel over Thanksgiving. Have a safe trip.

About the membership dues - I too got the email saying my membership expires on 12/8. But when I clicked on the link, there was no place to pay, so I am assuming that no one has to pay for now. I guess I will just wait and see what happens. Maybe some of our old "buddies" will come back now.

I am sure I had more to say, but I am tired and my mind is going blank.

Have a good weekend,

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Maddie - ((((((HUGS)))))), glad you are feeling better. I am sure that all of us have things that we would like to keep buried, but like Marci said, it's those things that make you the person you are today and we LOVE YOU. Please find peace with the fact that you are a loving and good person and you mean a lot to many many people.

DeeMarie - Was that you I passed last night on the Interstate LOL? I was coming back from NYC right at rush hour and it was truly CRAZY.

Between the full moon and Mercury retrograde WOW.

I went to NYC yesterday to see Martha Stewart -what a trip (in more than one way). Martha is exactly what you would expect, a perfectionist, little interaction with the audience and CHEAP - no freebies on her show, besides an oatmeal cookie and some water LOL. The show before us received a $170 coffee maker - US NOTHING. However my girlfriend, 2 daughters and myself were on the camera often - we had great seats. It was very interesting - I was never at a taping of a show, so enjoyed the process. My girlfriend came over tonight to watch it with me and we shared a bottle of Pinot Grigo and had dinner together and laughed about our yesterday.

I didn't read all the post thoroughly, but will try to do that tomorrow.

I hope everyone is well and I will check in tomorrow.

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Hi all,

Just checking in. What a week!

Maddie, I am glad that you are hanging in there! Family trouble is THE worst. I just ignore my sister these days and life is SO much better! Who says you can't pick your family??

Patti, I am itching to talk to you! I have to work (unexpectedly) tomorrow. Maybe we can catch up Sunday afternoon?

Joanne, a girls time out sounds like so much fun.

NH Suzanne, I hope that the job market opens up for you ( You too, John) Times are truly tough. There are wheel chairs that will allow for that level of elevation. Your best bet is to call a home medical supply store and ask them If they don't carry them, they can point you in the right direction.

Raeanne, So far, nothing has broken even with Mercury in retrograde, lol!

The full moon is another story altogether! The crazy patients are coming out of the woodwork! I twisted my knee at a patient's house and heard a distinctive "POP" OUCH!!!!
Doc says to stay off of it. Fat chance, as I have not been so busy in years! My leg and foot, as well as the knee,are swollen. I was to have an xray today but didn't get there before they closed. Sigh. I'll shoot for Monday. Worse yet, I am working tomorrow and can't stay off it till Sunday!

Off to alternate heat and ice...

Tikanas, aka the world's very worst patient : (

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Hi again,

One thing I've noticed about down times is that for me they don't last forever. Some years ago, when I got into a painful space, I started looking at the clock with the intent of timing how long it lasted. Somehow just knowing that such times have a beginning and an end was helpful to me in gaining perspective.

One reason I don't spend as much time here as I used to is that I started another forum. It's different from this one,but it was created to be a safe place for some people, too, who were having trouble on other forums with people fighting and not being family-friendly. It takes a fair amount of time to keep up. I'm not sure how many visitors we get from here, but no one posting, and I think for the same reason I post here less - we run out of hours in the day. And then there are the health problems and physical pain and all.

Maybe I can start sharing some of the things here. People might even get interested, lol, and it would be a way to keep up my contact here more than I have been. Among other things,we have threads for beautiful imagery. I enjoy that, being an artist. Or maybe it's that I'm an artist because I enjoy that. Below is the link to some images that I posted this morning on the reflection thread. When you get there, click on the box that says "click here to view a picture." For anyone with dial-up, you might want to skip numbers 3, 4, and 5, as they take a long time to load. Just try the first two and the last three.

We have a story thread, too, where people add their sentences to create a story, and a person who does sand sculpture. We have a cute pictures thread, which I'm sure some of you would enjoy. I'll add to that later today and share it here, too. I got the pics I'm sharing today fro a stock exchange site.

I have a lot of struggles, and joys, too, but I've got to the place where I'm too tired and ill to try to share it all. I need to work on other things, like the paintings and art site and such. That's why I dropped out of the Christmas and birthday exchanges, too. I can't keep it all up. At least I'm still here :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Reflections

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Welcome to the Over the Hill Gang!!

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Happy Birthday Suzanne!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make it a great one!

Love, Besh

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZANNE!!!!! My wonderful friend--you've been through a lot lately; I hope you know how much we love you. I have always enjoyed your stories about Sweet Pea, and your rides, and your beautiful way of writing makes itall seem so real. You're a special lady, and I wish you all the best! Have a great day! :)

On a different note, please send good vibes to my hairy purrball. He is my sweetie, my contant companion, and the joy of my life, and he is not good.



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Happy Birthday, NH Suzanne!!

I hope that you have the best birthday EVER!!! I hope that a nice ride is in the works for you today.



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Maddie, I will be thinking of you and your "baby" today. I thought that he was doing much better, so I was surprised and saddened to hear otherwise! let us know what's up.


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(((Maddie's fur-baby)))

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Suzanne - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, don't worry because the 50's are even better than the 40's!!! A new freedom comes with it - basically you just don't care what people think (I believe you already have mastered that lesson) LOL. Embrace it, enjoy it and wear it well - you deserve it. I am so glad that I have met you, not just once, but twice!!! I agree with Maddie and hope you know how much we love you and am so glad that you are a part of this big family.

Maddie - ((((HUGS)))) and prayers to you and your beautiful purrbaby.

It is a beautiful sunny brisk fall day here and as I just looked out the door there are four, no five mourning doves on my deck and watching me. I was watching the end of Oceans Twelve, I fell asleep watching it last night. I liked it.

Saturday Menu:
B - Lentil Soup
L - Chili over Rice
D - Penne a la Vodka with grilled chicken, salad and glass of chianti

Today I am getting my act together. I will only allow myself a red wine if I must have a drink. I am saying good-bye to funky white foods and hello to healthy colorful low carb and not too high in fat foods. This weight isn't budging, so I have to make a lifestyle change immediately. As soon as I finish my making a big pot of roasted vegie soup, I am off to the gym. Wish me luck - I will need it.

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Happy Birthday to you.............
Happy Birthday to you............
Happy Birrrrrrtttttthhhhhdaaaayyy, beautiful, understanding, bright, Sweet Pea's-best-friend, NH's gift Suzzzaaannnnnneeeee
Happy Birthday to you!


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