WANTED: Very old Workbasket Magazine issues

therahortDecember 25, 2006

I would like any old or very old issues of Workbasket Magazine issues. It is no longer published, and was a very good little magazine that both my 96 year old mother and I enjoyed, and we would like any issues, especially of the earlier years of its publication. Please let me know what you are interested in exchanging for them, and if I have anything that you would like, we would appreciate a fair exchange.

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Thera, I have some issues dating back to the 1950s. I will check tonight and see if there are any I'm willing to part with. I also have some duplicates from the 60s - 80s that I can share with you. I'll get back to you.

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Thera, I didn't find any duplicates of the very old Workbaskets, but I do have duplicates of the following dates: August 1979, March 1981, April 1983 July 1983, October 1983, April 1985, May 1985, August 1985, September 1985, October 1985, April 1990, June-July 1993, December-January 1994. Would you be interested in trading for any of those?

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You have e-mail.

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I think I can totally help you.
My great aunt died a few months ago, just before I moved and I got ALL of her craft things.
She was 102 years old.
I have an entire box of Work Basket, many of them from a VERY LONG time ago, possibly every issue ever made.
They are in my storage unit(somewhere), I labeled the box, but when we moved, all that was put into the storage.
It is about 8 degrees outside today... if you are willing to wait a month or two until it warms up, I would gladly exchange the entire box that probably weighs 25 pounds(think of how many that would be!) for????
I am looking for windchimes, iris rhizomes-(lavender, pinks purples),hostas.... I collect birdhouses, bunnies, hearts, terra cotta cookie/paper molds, quilts... just to give you an idea of what I like, you come up with something that you don't want, let's see what fun things we can exchange! :-)

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Hi. I also have a very large box of Workbasket Magazines that appear to be quite old. I was asked to sell them on ebay for a non-profit group, but if you are still looking I would be more than willing to deal with you.

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I have some workbasket magazine that I'm willing to trade for a collection of the "women who make cense" column. I just need the photocopies and no the magazine.


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I found complete issues from 1950 -1953 and several other single issues between 1957 - 1982 at an Estate sale. I would be willing to copy

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I too am looking for very old Workbasket magazines. The ones I need are from 1935's to 1940's, Voluemes 1 to 6, issues 1 to 12. Have been trying to help my Mom build her collection. Don't have much to trade, but maybe we can work out something. If anyone has some of the real old ones they want to give up please contact me. Thanks

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I have created a web site dedicated to this great magazine. If you are interested in trading, buying, selling or you are looking for a pattern, please visit my web site at http://mysite.verizon.net/mldubbels/Workbasket.html

Here is a link that might be useful: Workbasket Magazine

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I am looking for a crochet or knit pattern for an owl pillow made with bright crayon colors. The body was about 24-in. high and the feathers were triangles of the various bright colors attached to the front breast. I believe that I made it in 1974, 1975, or 1976. It could have come from The Workbasket, Woman's Day, Family Circle, Redbook, or any other craft magazine of the day. I would pay a reasonable sum for that pattern. Please contact me at jeanagifford@hotmail.com. Thank you.

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Hello, I just found 11 Workbasket magazines dated back to May 1957 to Dec, 1963, they were my Great grandmothers. I would like to see them go to someone who collects these.. Please email me.

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I have some very old The WorkBasket Magazines. They start out from 1940's to 1990's I have some that are in great condition. I was given them from a relative who passed away and I am not into Crafts and such. If you or anyone are interested just shoot me a email and I will be glad to take and show u pictures of the magazines.
Thank You,
Also Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful ladies that will view this message.

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i have 10 issues from 1950-1968 i do want to sell them

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I have all 12 months in 1960. Will sell for $10

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I have several old Workbasket magazines. Some from the 50's and several from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. I do want to sell them.

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I have many old workbasket magazines for sale if interested

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Anyone still looking for VERY OLD Workbasket magazines, please email me at kelleywebber00@hotmail.com OR CALL 304-268-3039

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I have to downsize my collections. I have some of "The Workbasket Home and Needlecraft for Pleasure and Profit" from 1953 through 1962. I also have some of "The Workbasket and Home Arts Magazine" from 1980 through July 1992. I would like to sell any and all of these for a small price. Please email me at leetadc@gmail.com. I have other collections of cross stitching, quilting, crafts, etc. available.

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I have 157 issues of The Workbasket Magazine dated March 1963 to August 1980. If you are interested, please feel free to email me at lw663@ymail.com.

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I so glad to see so many that have hung onto their workbaskets. I am sorry now that I have given mine away. I am in search of December 1956 vol 22 number 3 Loop stitch booties pattern. Also the bottle cap grape trivet pattern. My grandmother used to make these and I can't find these patterns. Is there any help for my quest??

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I may have the Workbasket issue (December 1956) you are looking for. I'll check (may take a few days, as they are boxed). But if I don't have that issue, I'm pretty sure I do have a pattern for the bottle cap grape trivet. I'll get back to you.

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Capthooksmom, I found both the Workbasket issue you are looking for, with the Loop Stitch booties pattern, and the pattern for the bottle cap grape trivet. I would be happy to send them to you. However, now that Houzz has taken over, I am still trying to figure out how to navigate. I can see your page, but nothing is showing for an email. I am hoping you are smarter than I am and if you go to my page, you will see an email there for me and you can give me your address.

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