HAVE: Wanted- Circular needles

GramaNovember 25, 2003

I am looking for a set of Connecting knitting needles. They are made by Boyle, come in a folding type book with various sized needles that join the piping and has connectors to keep the piping joined. The piping is hollow inside and are flexible. My mother gave me my first set when I was 16. I do know they are still out there.

Anyone interested in selling a complete set or know where I can get a set, my email: mlee_leerealtors@yahoo.com

I'll be watching. Thanks in advance. Grama

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Hi...I have several circular knitting needles and although I am not sure that these are what you are talking about I would gladly pop them in the mail to you to see if they are what you need. Judy

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Hi..I am sending them out on Friday! Please accept them as a gift. I tried to e-mail you and it came back...will try and resend, but thought I would let you know I did receive yours and know what you mean about remodeling!! Thanks, Judy

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You might try e-bay. I thought about bidding on some once, but decided to stay with my individual circular needles.

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I'd love to have a set, too. I'e bid on ebay many times, but always been outbid. They never go for less than $40. You can still buy the set from Herrschners catalog. After S&H it's about $70. I guess I'll keep trying on ebay.

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Hi, It's called NeedleMaster by Boye(who are now owned by Wrights). it comes in a vinyl case/folder which zips closed. You can make knitting needles sizes 2-15.
I just checked the Wrights.com site and they listed a number of places where you could buy it, But - I could only find it on Herrschners.com(do a search on needle master and you'll see it). their regular price of this is $90(which is about what I paid 15-20 years ago).
Right now they have it on sale for $60.
I really love mine tho I don't knit as much as I used to do. You can make all kinds of circular and "straight"needles with the cables, etc. included.
Hope you find it. The Wrights.com website does have a form for ordering extra parts for the set if you want.
Just realized this is a very old post. Hope the info can help someone.

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