Daily Vitamin that promotes energy

boystownNovember 8, 2008

Can anyone recommend a good daily vitamin that provides nutrients and energy? My DH and I are in our 50's and have a busy lifestyle. Thanks

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Many people take Centrum or Centrum Silver.

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I told a lady at the health food store I was having trouble sleeping and she asked what I was taking. Turned out to be the B-12 giving me energy. Take them in the morning.

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Kathy----thank you for your response which is very timely. I started taking B-12 and it is amazing how much better I feel. I have so much more energy and I believe that my attitude is better in these trying times. Hope you are sleeping better. I have that going on too. We are going through a stressful time right now which is effecting me all over. Thanks again

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You are very welcome. If you are in a low sun climate take some vitamin D too. I am a lot happier while taking the D and B-12. Hope your stressful times are soon over.
Yes I am sleeping better than before. Thanks, Kathy

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Before you take anything, get a complete check up with your DR. I did and found out I was low on Potassium and Vit D. Because I live in a norther state it is very important to check this. Also if you are on meds, that is important because some herbs etc conflict with certain meds.

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