Anyone using Fitbit pedometers?

snowglobeNovember 24, 2013

Just bought the Fitbit One clip-on pedometer. I have lost so many "cheapie" pedometers, I am determined to keep this one but looking for ideas on how to keep it from falling off.

Also tried the Flex (wrist band style), but found it wasn't as accurate because it counted too many arm movements as steps and didn't work so well on a treadmill. I do prefer the wrist band style though since it seems more secure.

Anyone using Fitbit ? --what has been your experience and if using the clip-on style, what is your trick to keep it in place?

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I'm currently using the Flex (wristband style) and agree with you that in can be inaccurate at times. I've found that it makes a big difference wearing it on my off-hand (i'm right-handed so when I write, i think it was counting those as steps-- now i wear it on my left wrist). i haven't tried the clip yet, but am curious to see it's accuracy compared to the flex.

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I use a Flex. Works well. I'm not sure how accurate the step tracker is but it surely keeps me aware of how active I've been all day. It's a great way to keep a minimum level of activity and keep from being sedentary. The sleep tracker is quite neat too!

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I have a Fitbit wrist band which is difficult to clip on, but that might be a bonus.
Must be a bit of guessing in the program to work out how far you have walked based on the number of steps.
I am happy with it, spurs me on to do a bit more on slack days.

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