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nhsuzanneNovember 16, 2009

Good morning sunshines,

How was your weekend? It's Monday again - what a vicious circle!

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Good Mornin'.

Suzanne, on Mondays at our house someone always points an imaginary starting gun in the air ("POW") and we yell "And there off!!" lol.

Lots of running around this weekend; errands and such on Saturday. I bought a gently used second hand bike so I am back in business. I shopped for border plants for my yard and for some new clothes.

I bundled up the clothes that I've outgrown to pass on to a nurse friend when we meet for lunch later this week. She just started on weight watchers and I have nurses scrubs to tide her over that won't go to waste now!

Yesterday I went to church, made roasted red pepper and tomato soup then caught up on some correspondence and phone calls. Last night I had a wonderful Sunday dinner with my sister, brother in law, favorite nephew and my father.

Since I procrastinated and TOTALLY WASTED my last "administrative day", I am at my desk most of today making up for it : ( I have two patients late this afternoon, but mostly I am pushing papers. You will not see me again till the job is DONE! (Hope that came off as forceful and determined)

Have a wonderful day!


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Good afternoon!

Football fan here, so weekend was consumed with football! Loved that the Saints won, not very pretty, but still won. Hate that I missed last night's game (Patriots-Colts) - it must have been unbelievable!

Weight Watchers was great - I didn't go last week, but today showed a 3.4 pound loss - total is 56 pounds since January. Question was asked what brought us to Weight Watchers to begin with. I didn't announce it publicly, but a big reason was the Christmas family photograph taken last year - Good grief, my face/head was the size of a pumpkin! Fortunately, you couldn't see the rest of me because I was hiding behind other's bodies!

Hope everyone has a great week. Sunshiny and warm today. Can't complain.


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Good Monday afternoon! It's a beautiful, sunny, windy warmish (64 F.) day here. The leaves are dancing around on the streets, so I know Fall is here, but the mosquitoes are still out and having their way with me. Go figure!

Suzanne, thanks for getting us started. I slept late today, then had to hurry to get out of the house.

I got to attend the library's book club today for the first time since June. (First time that I haven't been off babysitting!) We had read and discussed Randy Pausch's book, "The Final Lecture". I put off reading it until last night because I just knew that it would make me so sad. Well, it mostly didn't! It was inspiring and eye-opening instead. I'm so glad that I read it. We got new books today, and I'm excited about getting into them next.

I'm a substitute at a Bunco party tonight across Houston. I decided to say 'yes' because it's a dear church and sorority friend hosting it, and I'll be meeting lots of new people. She's a gourmet cook and is 'fixin' for tonight, so I couldn't say 'no'!

Tikanis, enjoy your new-to-you bike. That may make you hurry up and finish your paperwork! :)

Jan, I wish I could have stuck with WW back in January like you did, then maybe I could have bragging rights, too. I'm happy for you and envious of you losing like you have. Keep up the good work, and I'll pray to be inspired by you.

I've got to get all my recycling together to haul off tomorrow. This is a busy week for me as I'm leaving for Dallas next Tuesday. I'm so excited to get together with my son and DDIL and her parents as I haven't seen them since the wedding 2 years ago. They're lovely people with whom we get along so well. Hubby is going to his son's house in LA, so he'll miss them this time.

Wishing everyone a good start to your week!

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Milkdud, thanks for the encouraging words. I should have started my weight loss journey much sooner than I did. I guess I had to hit rock bottom, which is what it takes, whatever one's problem is.

I have Randy Pausch's book, too. I had seen his interviews and his college speech and bought it last spring when my sister was first diagnosed with cancer. (Can you believe it has been a year since she died - November 13th.) I couldn't bear to read it after that, so may pick it up again now that I'm stronger.

Have fun in Dallas and being with your son and DDIL and her parents!

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Hi all!

Tikanis--how cool! I think I'd like to be a certified case manager if I live through nursing school. I got to work with several when I was the business office administrator of a rehab facility here, and they were awesome! And congrats on the bike; I want one! My heart is set on an Electra, but it's out of my price range. :( I wave at it in the window when i drive by, though. LOL!

Jan, I missed the Pats/Colts game too, and apparently it was incredible. Congrats on losing 56 pounds!

I read the "Last Lecture", and bawled through it. It was such an inspiring read, but I knew that Randy died when I read it. I'm currently reading "I Did It", which is basically the book by OJ Simpson saying that if he did kill, this was how it owuld have happened. Talk about a bizarre read.

Things are good here; the semester is drawing to a close, and the end is in sight. Even with FIL passing in June, I'm still looking forward to Turkey Day---what's everyone's plans?



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Good morning all,

Tikanis, congrats on your new bike! Happy trails.

I found Randy Pausch to be one of the most inspiring people I have ever known! I truly admire him. Maddie, I cannot believe that anyone even published that OJ book! It is bizarre.

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. What are everyone's plans? Travel, home?

QOD: Has anyone here ever deep fried a turkey? I am thinking of trying that this year. Everyone tells me how incredible it is.

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Jan, I keep forgetting to post about last week's BL. OMG, poor Shay!! I hope she does well at home but I think she really needed to stay. I was so jazzed when she lost 17 lbs at the beginning of the weigh in and felt her angst as she slipped further and further down. Ugh..... I did not cry though! LOL

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Good morning!

Suzanne, we've never fried one ourselves, but have had one done for us a time or two, and I liked it, my husband, not so much. He prefers the traditional roasted turkey. I loved how moist and tender the meat was,and so crispy on the outside.

For Thanksgiving, we're going to Destin to meet our friends at their condo. No telling what we'll be eating - but it will be fun. Doesn't sound very "traditional," does it? All of their family is grown and going different directions, as is most of ours. My mom just had more than enough of me on our trip to DC, I'm sure, and she's hoping she has a quiet one. I checked with her first before confirming, and she was fine with it. (At my age, 59, still getting approval. There's a therapist's couch waiting on me somewhere!)

Re: The Biggest Loser. I agree totally about Shay. Were you surprised that they didn't show much of her after going home, more about Daniel? Unless they are saving her for the finale? I hope she continues to do good at home. She's been through so much and is such a pretty girl. I'm really looking forward to tonight's episode, with the makeovers!

Enjoy your day!

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Yes, I was surprised and more than a little disconcerted. I too hope she does well. With kids and a husband she will have a tough time for sure. Bless her heart.

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Hey, I'm back!

Wading through about 200 e:mails and folks at my door, but I had a few minutes before my next meeting to chat.

Had a fabulous time on vacation, even with a bit of IDA creeping up at us over the balcony of my sister's timeshare in Marco Island. We faced the beach and the wind and surf was rough for a day or two. Beautiful sunsets for "cocktail hour". We are such lightweights---we drank Mike's hard Lemonade most evenings. LOL!!

Tikanis and Maddie and Amy -- It's so good to see you back on a regular basis. I tried to read back over the 2 weeks, but I'm back in the routine, so not much time.

Marci, where are you?



John (?) I've almost given up on you brother. Check in!

Gotta run; but wanted to give you all a [[[[BIG SQUEEZY HUG]]]]


PS: I wanted Shay to stay too.

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Hi all,

Welcome home Dee! I accept my share of that big squeezy hug : )
So glad you had a good time. Isn't it hard to get back into the old routine?

Maddie, I had no idea that you were in nursing school! We should talk. I just LOVE being a nurse and cannot imagine myself doing anything else. Where are you in your studies?

Jan, congrats on that big loss (this week's and overall!)
doesn't it feel great? I have 22 more to go...

Suzanne, I have never deep fried a turkey. I brined my turkey for years and we loved it. Last year I tried the dry salt method, cooked it breast side down for the first 2 hours and I'm hooked. What did you get done outside this weekend?

This Thanksgiving we are having the (insert Last Name here) Dysfunctional Family Reunion, lol, and I am so looking forward to it! This should be a real source of amusement for years to come. It's being held at my sister's house about 30 miles from here. No clean up for me!

Almost all caught up on the dreaded paperwork. Yesterday was VERY productive. A big thank you to my son, who works for me and without whom I could not do this job.

Have a wonderful day.


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Tikanis, love the dysfunctional family reunion! But then I think that's the name of every family holiday around here!!

This past weekend I spread more manure, fixed fence line, replaced flood light bulbs that are really high up so it doesn't have to be done in the winter, made a few small repairs to the chicken coop for winter and the biggest job of all was pulling all the rubber mats (5 in all) from my horse trailer and washing down the trailer from top to bottom on the inside for the winter. That's a huge job.

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Good Afternoon Ladies!

One MIA checking in. Life is going well here, just super, super busy. I miss you all so will try to get back to checking in more regular.

Not much has changed here. Erica is in third grade (with attitude!) and Tara started Kindergarten. I am going thru 2 mergers at work this year which has taken most of my time at work. But, its good job security. I need to get back on a good diet, with the mergers came 30 more pounds. So I must get busy.

Have a great day!


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Good morning!

How is everyone? It's chilly (for here.) Just got in from 1 1/2 hour walk. I might need to invest in some long underwear!

Anyone want to discuss The Biggest Loser or Dancing with the Stars? DWTS was very surprising to me.

Off to the hairdresser and maybe Hobby Lobby - bought a great photograph in DC at the Eastern Market ($5!) but having trouble finding a frame for it (14x16.)

Wish I had something more exciting to write about - I'll leave that to y'all! Have a great one.


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Good morning all,

Jen!!! It's SO good to hear from you FINALLY! Glad you are doing well and I hope you will not stay gone quite so long! Your girls are getting really big I bet!

Very frosty here too. Jan, I dug out my long underwear over a month ago!!

I was somewhat ambivalent about BL this week. I really don't care for Liz - I think she is just blah and I don't see her fighting her way to win. I think Rebbecca should have stayed and I did not understand what someone was talking about her lying - maybe someone could fill me in here. I think she has done really well at home according to what I saw last night. I don't have a feel for who is going to win... I think it will probably be one of the guys. What do you think?

Has anyone gotten up in the wee hours of the morning to watch the Leonid meteor showers? OMG, they have been spectacular!! I got up at 3:00am yesterday and today to watch and even though it was very cold it was SO worth it! Really spectacular showing. I think they have peaked but I will be looking one more time.

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Hi Jen, long time, no see! Sounds like you have been really busy. I'd love to see the latest pic of those girls! Come back soon.

Jan, do you have a Michael's craft store or an Aaron brothers art mart near you? You should be able to find a nice frame at one of those places. It's nippy here too, this morning.

Suzanne, you were BUSY over the weekend! That's a lot of work...

Well it's hump day already. I have lots of driving today and a lot of patient issues to work on. Some weird family dynamics here, some health insurance problems there...So, today is a problem solving day. Trying not to get behind on paperwork as I want to have 4 days off over Thanksgiving to "fully appreciate" the Dysfunctional Family Reunion. Ha HA!

Back later, time permitting.
Make today count!!


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Hi all!

Suzanne, only you would get up at 3am and enjoy it! LOL! I did hear about the 'showers' but have not experienced them. Doubt I would see much living so close to Manhattan skies.

Jen! Yippee, welcome back. It's always good to hear from you.

I loved the results of DWTS. I think that Kelly deserved to stay, as she has come such a long way. I get increasingly weary of the "professionals" they sprinkle in each year. I don't think it's fair to stack the deck with Mya. Takes away the fun for me; I love underdogs!!!!

My desk is absolutely stacked with paperwork. Who said that computers would elminate paper? It makes me a bit anxious because I like order---order---order. Drives DH nuts!

Tikanis, I love your plans for that Family Reunion. I'd love to be a fly on the wall....not actually ATTEND, just be a fly on the wall. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your evening,

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Tikanis - thanks for the suggestions. I found a frame and mat at Hobby Lobby, had a 40% coupon, and it turned out nice.

Re: The Biggest Loser. I liked Rebecca, too, and didn't understand where Rudy was coming from, saying how he didn't trust her. I haven't watched it enough to understand all of the game strategies and all. Grandma Liz is only 49 years old - even with the makeover, I thought she looked older. She is kind of rough around the edges. I don't have any real favorites of those who are still left - the fireman seems like a good candidate to win it all. I liked his story the best. He seems pretty genuine and gets very uncomfortable when the petty stuff starts with the others.

DWTS - I think Kelly is adorable, but I also like Mya (I think it's more because I really like her partner, Dmitry.) Donnie is okay, but not at the top of my list. It's silly how it's so built up, and once the season is over, it's hard to remember who actually won!

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Good frosty morning all,

It was 22 degrees here in the early morning hours but the sun is up and the sky is blue and the heavy frost is fading quickly! Another lovely day in the 50's here! Unreal and it makes me so happy.

Dee we just had a presentation on going paperless! We are pretty paperless now as our IT people have implemented the system to help us do that. It's pretty amazing but we have less than half the files now than we did last year! I am all for saving the paper and resources and best of all the stupid filing!

Marci and BJ, I am thinking of you both today and hope you can check in soon. Marci, you must be getting ready for a long holiday with school out? BJ, come say hi and let us know how you are.

I have a busy day ahead! Hope to see everyone check in here before the weekend comes!

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Good Morning Ladies,

It's getting cold here! Yuck! Right in time for deer season tomorrow!

Biggest Loser: I think Rebecca should have stayed. I can't stand Liz cuz of her attitude! I think she is mean. I lost respect for Rudy this week too. I thought he was downright mean to Rebecca. He and Liz needs to go! I absolutely LOVE that show.

I have lots of pics on facebook of the girls. Just not sure how to post them anywhere else. They have grown lots.

Better get back to work! Be glad when things let up in about 4 months.

Have a great day and a awesome weekend!


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Good Thursday morning! I can't believe I haven't posted since Monday. Where did this week go?

Jen, welcome back! We've missed you, so it's good to see you posting once again. I'd love to see pics of your girls.

Dee, you're always a welcome sight, too. It's fun to get away, but you pay the price when you return, don't you?

Tikanis, I've been trying to coordinate family visits while I'm up in Dallas next week, and it's only a tad bit complicated. But my family is mostly 'funcitional' so it's all good. I hope to touch base with most everyone since I'm going to be there from Tuesday until Sunday.

Speaking of being there, I managed to schedule my mammogram up there next Wednesday! I'm happy because it's an easy place to reach and they already have all my records. They will digitize my records for me though so that I can bring them back here to give to the place I'll use next year.

Suzanne, if we could just split the difference in our temps, it would be perfect for both of us. It's already 70 F. so we'd have a lovely Fall day everywhere if it worked! LOL

Jan, I'm with you about Liz. I'm 62, and I promise that I don't look as shopworn as that woman does. I was surprised when she mentioned her age (repeatedly! ha) the other night. But, I saw Rebecca on the Jay Leno show afterwards, and she looks FANTASTIC now, plus she's seeing Daniel socially. Nice.

Well, I've got a lunch date with a good friend, so I need to hit the road. I'm starving because I didn't have breakfast. Instead, I baked a triple batch of cornbread casserole for the Meals on Wheels people and drank coffee until time to deliver the food to church to be meted out. We're going to a little Italian restaurant in the next town over, so I'll have to make good choices!

Wishing everyone a terrific day!

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Rebbecca and Daniel? Wow, that's interesting and nice.

Jen, to upload pix here you need to go to a photo hosting site like photobucket.com you open a fee account and you can upload pictures and do other things. You simply copy and paste the html code like you were posting a message and voila! Try it, it's easy peasy.

Raeanne, where are you?

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Happy Thursday!

I am still swamped, but I asked my assistant this morning to be sure to come and get me when the staff went to lunch. It was a lovely change away from this desk. I need to do it more often.

Have a dental appointment later this evening and then most of my yearly medical stuff is finished. Monday is bloodwork and that should be it!

Jen, I think Suzanne meant to say that photobucket is "Free"! Suzanne, you need to stay in bed longer than 3am! ;-)

I'm off to another meeting....they never stop!

Raeanne? Raeanne? BJ? BJ?

Take care,

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Hi Guys!

Well, I haven't read anything here for the past weeks, so I am printing it out and reading it tonight.

I just wanted to check in. Winter came so quickly here and it is very dark. I was --and occasionally still am? --depressed and some very sad things happened lately.

So I gained all the weight I back that I lost and have to start yet another diet.

I'll be back tomorrow to check in as I need to get back into the groove of things...and need to back to "my crew."

((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) --I'm off to the printer!

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Hi all!

Jen! How great to see you post! Gad, I can't believe that the girls are that! It seems like yesterday that Erica was just a wee baby--

Suzanne--well, OJ didn't publish his manuscript. A judge awarded to book to the Goldman family, and they published it b/c they view it as his confession. It is truly bizarre.

One last call for the ornie exchange. I'll get Rog to draw names on Thurs. So far, I've got


Any other takers? :)

Tikanis--I'll PM you about nursing school. I think (no, I know) I'll love it, too!



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Hi Maddie, count me IN for the ornament exchange! I still have the tacky Sopranos ornament that DeeMarie sent me and it hangs on my tree every year right alongside the Salem witch cow that Besh sent me. Lol!
( I Pm'd you, too....)

Hi Bj! Hurry back, please!

Dee, it's always hard to catch up after a vacation, isn't it?

Milkdud, what's a cornbread casserole? Is it like a tamale pie? I need some quick casserole ideas for the Bottomless Pit aka DS.

Well, be careful what you wish for I guess! Business is booming and the phone rang ALL DAY with new patient referrals. I am working fast and furiously to be all caught up so that I can take next Thurs thru Sunday off to visit with all the family. I would KILL for a paperless job right now. Too many papers interfering with patient care, darn it!

Back tomorrow,


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Marci, what a great birthday greeting for suzanne!

Suzanne, have a wonderful birthday - hope your weather is beautiful and all of your birthday wishes are granted!


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....Maddie, I will expect an encore from YOU now that you are back!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.................
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU................

Have an incredible birthday support sister. Hope we are around to enjoy many, many more together!
Love ya!

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Good Friday all,

Thanks for the bd wishes! Marci, I love Mr. Ed....he was instrumental in starting my horse addiction! LOL

Dee, thanks for singing this morning! Lovely as always. Raeanne and I were thinking of trying to hook up somewhere before too long we were waiting for you to get back from vaca.
What do you think?

Tikanis, glad business is booming!

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I hope you have a wonderful day, and a birthday weekend filled with all of your favorite things!



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Happy birthday, Suzanne! Wishing you a great day, a great ride if that's possible, and your healthiest year yet!

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You are ALWAYS here for us! Love the wonderful riding and farm pictures you post and the holiday and support cards & emails you've sent to me all these years...

you are one of the ROCKS of SS Daily Support!

YOU are a wonderful, caring, animal-loving, compassionate person and I LOVE THE WAY YOU SPEAK YOUR MIND!

So...this is YOUR day---ENJOY, sistah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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cough, splutter, hack

HAPPY BIRFDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (much dawg howling involved here!)

Happy Birthday sis! I hope you have a wonderful day! (((Hugs!))


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Back to post my cornbread casserole recipe for Tikanis:

Cornbread Casserole
Preheat oven to 375 F.

1 box Jiffy cornbread mix
1 can whole kernel corn UNDRAINED
1 can cream-style corn UNDRAINED
1 cup sour cream
1/2 stick butter
1/2 cup shredded cheese

Lightly grease 8x8 pan. Stir all ingredients until well mixed, then pour into the baking dish. Bake for about 45 minutes. (I sometimes add cubed ham, or veggies like broccoli, onions, peppers - whatever you like)

When I made 3 batches of it yesterday, it took 2 9x13 pans to hold everything, and that was just the regular recipe with no added goodies.

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Oh my Maddie, it's SO good to hear you sing again!! I think you will agree that Dee does a mighty fine job too! I love it.

BJ, thanks for taking the time to wish me a good BD. I hope things are going better for you. Please fill us in when you can.

Milkdud, my SIL makes this every year and it's delicious. She puts jalapenos in her version. Yum and oink!!

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Between work and construction I have been sooooooo self absorbed it's sad.

I really, really need to catch up.

Love and hugs to all - I really will do my best to be much less MIA in the very near future!!

Have a great weeknd everyone!!


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Good Saturday all,

Donna, I hope your construction is going well. Try to post some pic's for us. If you need help I can help. It's easy peasy. BJ figured it out so can you. It's as simple as copying and pasting.

It's going to be another stellar day here in NH. The weather is so beautiful for November. I have been given this gift because I really need to get outdoor things done and it takes so much longer alone.

DH is gone again to Toronto (making hay while the sun shines) so we had to cancel our plans for a birthday dinner last night. My sister came over and we had pizza, watch a movie and laughed at how our faces are changing...she's going to be 58 next month I am now officially 54! We watched an older movie (1999) A Walk on the Moon with Diane Lane and Viggo Mortensen (yum) circa 1969 - Woodstock and the first walk on the moon. She is in a crisis of sorts having married young with a child at 17! It was good.

Today I am going to aerate the new pasture to get it ready for fall fertilization. It's supposed to be in the mid 50's how wonderful.

Enjoy your day everyone! I got a text from DH this morning:

Luv u u old bat! LOL

Have a great day everyone.

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Good Saturday afternoon from wet/rainy and cool (54 F.) Texas.

I was up at 4:30 this morning, out of the house by 5:15, and heading to the Houston Zoo at 6:30 for St. Jude's 1st annual Thanks & Give walk. We had 300 of the 500 registered people show up in the pouring rain today to walk for St. Jude. I was shivering and shaking working registration, but it warmed my heart to see so many turn out and turn in huge amounts of money they'd raised for walking. I met Emmanuel, a precious 8-yr. old boy who lost his left eye to neuroblastoma last year. His 'fan club' was there to walk with him and they all dedicated their walk to him. I worked the bib dedication table where people filled out their "I am thankful for....." bib before pinning it on for the walk, and I was really touched by many of the dedications. Afterwards, the volunteers moved everything over to the 'after-party' where everyone ended up to have breakfast and receive their incentives for walking. I think a nap is in my near future, but I had to check online before doing that.

Donna, I hope you can start posting more often. Pray for 'uneventful' vibes!

Suzanne, maybe you'll sneak in a ride today after finishing your chores? And, what a cute message from hubby!

Hey, BJ! I've been missing you. Hurry back and get the wonderful support you've been needing.

Maddie, you howl the HB song better than anyone I know, girl!

Well, a nice warm bed is calling me, so y'all be good!

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Happy Saturday!

I've been up since 5:30am working around this house. Laundry, laundry, laundry. Put away the Halloween and fall stuff. Decorated the main bath in red/snowflakes. Ran out to get my hair touched up and cut. Started a chicken cacciatore. Moved my dining room furniture to search (yet again) for my wedding ban (time to bite the bullet and buy a new one). Caught up with a friend on the phone for over an hour (while doing my nails). Put the linens back on the beds. Planning my menu for our holiday open house (will ask for suggestions next week when everyone is around). Now catching up for a few minutes on this computer before I take out the towels from the dryer. Whew!!!! I need a nap.

Suzanne/Raeanne - this is not a good time for our reunion. I've asked my assistant to take most of the rest of the year off to make sure she gets her vacation days. That leaves me with just 2 days away from the office, and I need them to run back down to North Carolina to install our alarm and put up some Christmas decorations. We will do it, though. No doubt about it!

OK, the dryer bell went off...time to fold and put away.

Have a great weekend!

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Suzanne - Happy Birthday! I am sorry that your birthday plans with DH had to be postponed, but it sounds like you and your sister made the best of it. That actually sounded like the perfect birthday to me. I will have to check that movie out. I don't think I ever saw it. I hope DH returns home soon so you can do your dinner together. I hope you were able to spend time with your four legged family. DH is a smart man to text that message, he would never say it in person LOL. I agree with all the above sentiments and feel so honored to have been able to meet you twice and can't wait for the third.

Dee - looks like we may have to make our next reunion in NC!!! Congrats on the new place, how exciting for you.

I am really pressed for time these days, but I will be back tomorrow to read everything and reply.

Sweet Dreams all.

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Hi all :)

Thanks for all the welcome-backs.
The deep fried turkey sounds interesting, but I'm just going to buy a meal from the supermarket, lol. My family holidays are pretty much over the internet now.

Congratulations to those who are losing. 56 lbs makes a lot of difference! Empathies to BJ and others who have gained. I'm in your company now. I started gaining back the weight a couple of years ago, due to some health issues. I never went back to my old ways of eating, and I eat basically healthy, but my body changed and started gaining on what I had previously lost on. I've decided not to have regrets though. Just keep doing what I can and never give up. :) I wish I hadn't been so radical about not eating in my younger days. It did things to my metabolism that don't help.

Today I'm playing sims, working in Second Life, catching up on bills and email and figuring out what to eat.

And Suzanne, belated happy birthday to you. Glad you got to enjoy it, even with hubby away.

Take care and love your life

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