Yoga and weight loss II

georgia_girlNovember 1, 2001

Hi everyone! Since the thread closed I thought I'd keep it going!! I have been so busy I have not been doing my Yoga as I should and I feel it! I'm sooo tired! I plan on getting back to it tonight! My goal is to do yoga for weight loss at least 3 nights/week. I also want to get back on the treadmill :) I have gotta get my energy level back up! Hope all is well! JulieTX where are you?!!

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Hi, Georgia Girl!

I'm still here. I just haven't had much computer time lately, let alone any other time. I have been sick, so the only exercise I have gotten is some stretching. I can't say yoga, because the breathing hasn't been there. I caught some kind of nasty cough and haven't been able to kick it for over a month. I went to my doc, got meds, and it still didn't go away. I think (knock wood) I'm getting over it now, but it got worse before it got better, and I spent a couple of days in bed doing a lot of sleeping while my toddler bounced on the bed watching Disney movies. Hey, you do what you gotta do. Apparently, it's not contageous because no one around me has picked it up from me (again, knock wood, but I have been very careful not to cough on people, kiss DH on the mouth, and have washed my hands obsessively). But, you know, Mom's can't be sick, so complete days of rest aren't entirely possible. I have to say that DH and my older kids were very sweet to me, bringing me tea, and waiting on me.

Ok, so, anyway, I had to ride my bike to the kids school the other day, and I had to do it pretty full out. I thought I would die, but instead, it seemed to help clear my lungs, so maybe what I need to do is get out and exercise to get completely over this. I can breathe now without rasping, so I too will get out the yoga tape tonight and get back to it.

Thanks for starting the thread again. I enjoyed the comraderie and support of the last one. Good luck on all your goals. Keep me posted, ok?

Your turn, Kayla!

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Hi! Bet you feel great after the yoga tape tonight!

I open a jar of Basilic et Pistou eucalyptus oil when I do yoga, opens the passages! If you can find this product, it is GREAT!

I'm still yoga-ing to videos! I am now trying alternating days of walking on my treadmill & yoga. So far so good.

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I have a question, and perhaps one of you can help me. I have been doing yoga pretty faithfully for about 4 months -- mostly with "Inhale" on the Oxygen network, but also have a few tapes. Here is my problem. Many "bent knee" poses hurt my knees, i.e. pigeon, cobbler, sitting between feet, happy cow, etc. I thought that perhaps doing yoga consistently would aleviate this problem, but if anything, it's worse. So I tried laying off all of these poses for about 3 weeks, but when I tried to re-introduce them this morning, very gently, once again I experienced sharp pain. I have never forced a pose, I concentrate on breathing and relaxing (melting) and really had no knee pain before I started doing yoga. Any suggestions?


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Sorry, I can't help you with your problem, but I will point you in the direction of some people who might be able to. There is a great forum that is devoted to Yoga, with some very nice and knowledgable people who will try to help you. This is where the people from the Yoga forum went when dumped the page. Here's the addy:

Here is a link that might be useful: Higher Fitness

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Thanks much! I knew the page was discontinued, but I didn't know the forum was continued elsewhere. This is helpfu.

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Corki - have you tried doing some simple stretches before starting your yoga? When we do some of these in class, we usually have done quite a bit of stretching to prepare and numerous sun salutations. I found once I am well warmed up, the poses are easier to do. I have problems with the knees too. You are smart to just take the pose as far as you can go without hurting yourself. Try doing the stretching and some sun salutations before the show comes on and see if this helps. It can take lots of practice to get some of these poses down pat, so don't give up!

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Yes, I do stretch and sun salutations. For right now, I'm just eliminating/modifying the poses that hurt my knees. I'm going to try to work my way up to doing them gradually and see if that helps. Thanks for your suggestions and encouragement!

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I have been thinking of taking a yoga class that will teach my the exercising part as well as meditation. What should I look for in my search for a qualified yoga class? TIA

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Hi All sorry I haven't posted in a while! Been soo busy at work. I'm still lagging. I need to get back on it so I will have energy! Julie TX sorry it took me so long to answer! Hope you are feeling better. It appears this site will close on 1/1 unless you pay for it. Hmmm. Well I have found out that I'm boarderline diabetic so that has been keeping me busy. Trying to figure out what is allowed and what is not so that has contributed to some of my absense! Anyway I love the weightloss for yoaga tape and will TRY to get on it again this week!
Everyone take care!

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Exercising can be magical! I will not lie about that. Sometimes if you are stressed out it is because you are sitting around to long or haven't been getting proper exercise, that is most likely why the exercise "cleared your lungs."

It is possible you are suffering from Insomnia. Insomnia is a symptom that causes many complications in the physical, mental and emotional quality of a person. When the body is severely attacked by chronic insomnia, the digestive system goes awry, and the liver is often in very poor condition.

The nervous system is progressively destabilized, the person experiences exhaustion and wear, which affects their daily work. A vicious circle: the fatigue and inefficiency that results in the anguish of not finding restful sleep, which in turn leads to increasing difficulty falling asleep.

Remember to always get as much sleep as your body needs and don't deprive yourself of it! Also since you said "it cleared my lungs" Here is a good yoga exercise for breathing:

Hasta uttanasana: Yoga that Helps Breathing
Stand up, feet together, arms dangling. Cross your wrists in front of the abdomen.
Inhale deeply, raising your arms and stretching them above and beyond your head.
Slightly bend your neck back and hold your breath a few moments.
Exhale with open arms at your sides until shoulder height.
Inhale. Cross your wrists again over the head.
Hold the breath a few seconds.
Exhale slowly, lowering your arms forward to regain the starting position.
Do this exercise ten times.
During the movement, feel the air go up a more lateral and open chest space.
At the end, feel the air go out slowly and completely, as the thoracic space closes.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Live A Life Of Happiness!

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Yoga is probably best known for its flexibility benefits, along with its ability to help you sleep better, feel better about yourself and promote mindfulness. Yoga is not just about working out, itâÂÂs about a healthy lifestyle. The practice of yoga allows students to be still in a world consumed with chaos.

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As for me I have lost my weight via drinking pure chimp super tea! It boosted my metabolism rather good.

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Yes I am doing the yoga to ease the pain of my back joints and shoulders and it is very effective. Aside from doing the yoga I also do the sumba and swimming. These forms of exercise are enjoyable and effective in losing weight.

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