guide to eating too much fat

mike2305November 28, 2006

this information is from a daily paper, and is from the foods standard agency



20g of fat or more per 100g of food is a lot

5g of saturated fat or more per 100g of food is a lot

3g of fat or less per 100g of food is a little

1g of saturated fat or less per 100g of food is a little


1.5g of salt or more per 100g of food is a lot

0.6g of sodium or more per 100g of food is a lot

0.25g of salt or less per 100g of food is a little

0.1g of sodium or less per 100g of food is a little


10g of sugar per 100g of food is a lot

2g of sugar per 100g of food is a little

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some of those even seem like a lot...

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It depends on where those fats and sugars are coming from.

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A gram of fat = 9 calories.
A gram of veggie = 4 calories.
If something is 100 calories and 9 grams of fat, that = 90 calories from fat!
Remember that!

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there is things we eat thinking they are healthy but are actually filled with fat and sugar.
granola bars are one of those.
puff pastries are horrible, it's the fat in them that makes the pastry puff and rise up.
check what type of crackers you buy, you might be better off with rice crackers.
Learn some vegetarian dishes to cut down on meat meals.
do without margarine if you can, no dressing on salad, just a squirt of lemon juice and herbs.
just be imaginative, it's the little things that amount to much eventually.

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My advice to all is to READ LABELS. Some fats are good, like extra virgin olive oil, which contain heart healthy omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Educate yourself, and don't trust marketing and hype. Even "health foods" you think are safe can have harmful ingredients. Partially Hydrogenated fats are lethal. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, the list grow from this "non food". It's so bad, that cities are actually passing legislation to ban it, yet it's present in almost everything you buy today, from crackers, to breads, cereals, etc. And don't let the FDA's new trans fat nutrition labels fool you. Food companies with foods that contain partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats) are allowed to claim 0% TRANS FAT or TRANS FAT FREE if the amount is under .5 per serving, however what if you eat more then one serving, which many of us do? I don't want to feed my family any amount of this poison! Beware of all Hydrogenated oils.

Also, sodium and sugar. Two ingredients that continue to ruin our American diet. High fructose syrup is abundant in many foods and is actually more taxing on your body then just plain old table sugar since High fructose corn syrup must be metabolized in the liver. Anytime your body has to work hard to digest foods, your resistance becomes challenged and you become ill. Yes, your diet has great affect on every aspect of your health!

I challenge everyone who's reading this to go check the labels on the foods in your refrigerator and cabinets. Let's see how many so called "healthy foods" you turn up that contain Hydrogenated fats and High Fructose Corn Syrup. Start with your ketsup and salad dressings and work your way through.

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Thank You for this guide. I am pre diabetic and have high cholestrol. I have been looking for this type of info.

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