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beshNovember 6, 2006

Good Morning, Good Morning. The holidays are coming. Let's make this a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Good morning - Besh thanks for getting us started.

I had a great weekend in Colrain. It's a lovely part of Massachussetts. We truly lucked out with the weather. It was cold and windy on Friday when we arrived but it settled down for our first ride. The terrain in Colrain is steep but not too rocky but it was muddy and the horses worked pretty hard on our climbs. The trails meander through lovely fall woods and along rushing rivers or mountain pastures. This area of MA is much like Vermont in the way you have high terrain pastures that seem to kiss the sky. We have many water crossings through rushing river water and everyone did very well. The rocks are round and it's hard for the horses to keep good footing. Still, they did well.

After our rides each day we would pop in the outdoor hot tub which overlooked a beautiful vista. It felt good on the sore muscles. Then we ate great dinners that we prepared together, had nice wine and movies!! We had a great time and it was just our usual group - four of us which wasa really nice for a change. I had a great time and my horses are going to enjoy thier rest today!

Yes, the holidays are everyone starting to think and plan?? I have passing pangs of fear because it's so close and time is flashing before my eyes!! Still, I get through it every year.

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Good morning!

Once again, Suzanne, you have painted a beautiful picture with words. I feel as if I were right there with you.

The holidays are really sneaking up, aren't they?

Did I dream it or did Patti stop by??!!

Have a great day, everyone! I am getting an early start so that I can get home early. Then it's out to dinner with friends.


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Where is everybody? You must all be out voting, right? : )


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Hello! Checking in, but I have a very busy week at the office, and an offsite, overnight. Will try to keep in touch.

Make this week count!

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Patti - thanks for checking in, but we need more!

Dee - I figured things were hectic at work.

Tikanis - I hope your dinner with friends was a good one. Yes, the holidays are sneaking up. I actually bought 2 gifts today - this is early for me. I work better under pressure.

Suzanne - I agree you are great with words and you pull the reader in, so they can enjoy the journey - which I did.

Besh - does it feel good to have your town back?

Nothing new to report, still working out, still eating right and still not losing (aside from the 14lbs). I am sure I need more cardio and have been better, but probably not enough. I will work on that this week.

Enjoy the day.

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Good day all,

Just checking in too.

I forgot to tell you Patti how good it was to hear from you and I agree with Raeanne, we need more!!

Not much new but I am happy to report that I was so bad this weekend that I am determined to do something, anything about my weight!!!

I have dusted off my pedometer and have been walking at lunch ( all two days but it's a start) and I will go to the gym to get myself signed back up as soon as it's too miserable to walk outside. I am keeping a journal which I usually fall down on right away but I keep telling myself.....

Simple steps, simple steps. It's my current mantra.

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Good Evening's me Magickitty checking in to say HELLO. I have been catching up on the posts this past hour. Sorry I have been MIA for so long. Shame on me.

Jen - sorry about your husbands friend. That is so sad.

NHSuzanne - Loved the pic of the chicken and hearing the stories of your trips with Sweet Pea.

I see there are quite a few MIA's out there. Well I must say I sure have missed a lot. I hope to get back and read somemore postes to get caught up.

I will also check out the pictures on the link I have from Marci.....I hope it is still good.....I'll find out, right.

Take care everyone and great big hug and hello to you all. I can write more tomorrow and fill you in on whats been happening with me. For now, my DH is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to remove kidney stones. I tell ya, for the whole year it has been one thing after another and sounds like it is like that for most of us here on the thread.

Talk to you soon....Magickitty

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Suzanne - don't worry about it, at least you are doing something now.

Tikanas - hope you enjoyed dinner with your friends. I always enjoy catching up over dinner.

Dee, I did lots of traveling for work in my former job and hated it.

Raeanne - 14 lbs down is terrific!!!!

Just a quick check in - I am so proud of myself, down 2.5 lbs as of Sunday after one week counting points (again). I am not going to meetings, just doing it on my own.

Glad to see Tikanas, Patti and Magickitty. All other MIAs show yourselves!

Here's a stupid do I send a picture to Marci?

Have a great rest of Wednesday night....Donna

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I am also happy to see some MIA's. I feel silly asking this question of Patti and MagicKitty, but where are you living now? Are you still both in Florida? For some reason I thought you guys had moved.

I keep thinking about BJ and all this news about flooding in Seattle. I hope things are ok with her. The longer she is gone, the more I worry.

And John, where are you?????

Donna, are your pictures digital? You can store them in your photo album (mine are under My Documents, My Pictures) and then email them to Marci as an attachment. I would love to see a picture of you! I also have to send Marci some Halloween in Salem pictures and pictures of DS wedding. I will take care of that this week.

Did anyone watch Dr. Oz on Oprah last week. I thought it was really interesting. I ordered his book, it just came yesterday.

Have a great evening.

Love, Besh

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Donna - Just email it to me and I will post it in the album. If you need help, let me know.

Hi MagicKitty - Great to see you back. Yes, the link should still be good.

Patti - I was so happy to see you post. Now post some more.

Milkdud - I am so SORRY that I missed your birthday. I originally had your birthday marked down as Jan. 1 and then I changed it when you told me it was actually in August. But somehow, I didn't get it changed on my list that I post from. I hope it was happy though!

It has been a tough week at school. Hectic, non-stop and I need a break. Luckily, I have Friday off. It can't come soon enough.

Gotta go finish watching Dancing with the Stars. I am rooting for all of them and don't want to see anyone go home. :~(

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Hey guys....I won't be around here much until next Tuesday.....lots of issues around here.

Please hold some good thoughts for my friend, Joanne who's husband passed away yesterday. It's been a long road.

All my best to everyone who needs [[[[[[[[[HUGS]]]]]]]]].

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!!

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Good day all,

Dee, hugs to you and yours. Sorry to hear about your friends passing.

MagicKitty, good to see you post! Glad all is well. Please dont' stay gone so long.

It's so warm here this week!! It's unbelievable even in the pouring rain yesterday it was in the 50's! I am enjoying it for all it's worth for it won't be here forever.

Still doing well on my WOE and I have walked every day except today because of errands to run at lunch. I feel better about myself each day even though I haven't lost an ounce yet!!

Besh, I am going to see Hairspray in Beverly on Sunday with the women I work with. It should be lots of fun even though secretly I would rather be home riding and playing with my girls! I am hopeless.

I am concerned about BJ and John. The more they stay away the more I worry too. What's up with those two? Come on you guys, check in and say hello.

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Quick check in...(((Dee and Joanne and family)))

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Good Evening. All went well with DH Surgery. He is home and comfy cozy. The dr. came out and had the stone with him. It was big. So now that drama is over with, thank goodness.

Besh - I am still in Florida with hopes of moving to Tennessee. Our home is up for sale but as it is everywhere, the market is slow. So we are being patient.

I no longer have the link for pics Marci, if you could e-mail me it again I would appreciate it, plus I could send you some pics to post of my beautiful fur babies. None of me yet, as I am huge. I just cannot seem to get it together. I love food and use it as a crutch I think. When I am eating all the wrong things, I am comforted in some way. I say to myself, oh you had a bad day, its ok to eat this huge bowl of ice cream, or candy or cake, whatever. hahahaha. It gets to the point that if I break a nail I gotta have a banana split...hahahaha just kidding. But I have noticed that I get happy when I am chomping. We went to Ohio a couple weeks ago for my parents 50th wedding anniversary and had a great time, but when the pictures came back, I was horrified to see myself in them, so I am hoping I will use that as a kick in my butt to get motivated. I did buy a dvd called brazilian dance workout. I'll let you know how it is.

DeeMarie - I am sending peaceful thoughts to your friend.

Take care everyone --- Magickitty

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Marci -- I found the link through an old e-mail...please disregard my request for the link.... thanks, I will e-mail you some pics.

Thanks - ------- Magickitty

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MagicKitty - Glad DH made it through surgery. My DH has passed many stones over the course of our marriage, and I know that it is painful.
I will keep an eye out for the pictures and post them in the album when I get them. Glad you found the link.

Besh - I got your email, but it was blank. I am going to email you a different email addy to try.

((DeeMarie)) - That is very sad about your friend's husband. Will keep you all in my thoughts.

NYSuzanne - Isn't this weather gorgeous? No wonder you want to be outside with your "girls" instead of inside. But I am sure you will enjoy Hairspray.


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So, what are we all doing this weekend????

Went to the Varsity FB game last night. We lost, but it was a beautiful night to be sitting outside. Really warm for November. Today I am dusting, finishing laundry and maybe a little me time. I have been reading Dr. Oz book, YOU on a diet, and I am trying to following some of his principles. Taking some time for yourself is one of them. Tonight we are having dinner with some friends. Tomorrow, is all football all day around here, so I will probably read some more and cook a nice dinner. I sound so domestic don't I???


Love, Besh

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I added some more pictures to the Picture Trail SS #2 album.

MagicKitty emailed me three picutres of her kitties and Besh sent me some pictures of downtown Salem on Halloween.

Check them out.

QOD - Do you have a pre-lit Christmas tree and if so, do you like it?


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Magic Kitty - welcome home! we have missed you. I'm glad DH had those stones removed.

Marci - thanks for posting the photos, I will go check them out.

Besh - I saw the Dr. on Oprah last week and then taped his show that aired on some cable channel. I love how he writes and throws in some humor. I have YOU the Owner's Manual and that is great.

Suzanne - I saw Hairspray on Broadway with Harvey Firestein(SP?) and it was hysterical - I know you will love it.

Dee - ((((HUGS)))) and prayers coming your way.

Donna - 14+ lbs is good but this is since 7/5 and I haven't lost anything in about a month. I just stepped up my cardio and hopefully will notice a change. I think I am losing inches right now, which I much prefer over the pounds.

QOD - We get a real tree, so no pre-lit tree here.

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QOD: No pre lit tree here either- we have a small table top fiberoptic tree which I love. We have a nice little niche in the wall that we put it in.

Besh - your questions as to what we are doing this weekend. Last night we took it easy, watched Fantastic Four on HBO. Today we have a pig roast to go to and then this evening there is a coconut festival going on and the bands are Starship featuring Mickey Thomas and The Little River Band. My DH is not feeling too well, he is napping now so I hope he will make it to the concerts tonight. I like both bands and would like to see them. It is free other than the parking which is $5.00, I had to look twice at the festival ad in the paper to make sure I was reading it correctly. Sunday will be housework as we have company coming in on Wednesday.

Marci - thanks for posting my pics of my cats. I just love them and cannot get enough of em!

Raeanne - glad to be back. I have been catching up on posts and you all have been quite busy. I also have the book by Oz, YOU the owners manual. It is good, I will re-read it to refresh my memory. I always like to see them on TV.

How is everyone doing on the SS WOE. Is that still a topic? If so, I need to have someone challenge me please so I can give it another try.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!

Take Care ------- Magickitty

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Happy Sunday!

How the heck did it get to be Sunday already? We are supposed to get rain starting today that will last the next day or two but it certainly isn't cold and doesn't feel like just a week before Thanksgiving.

Raeanne, I see what you mean about not losing pounds but I do agree with you on the inches. Hopefully stepping up the cardio will give you the extra boost to get past your plateau. I know how frustrating it is to get stuck.

Besh and Magic Kitty - I enjoyed your pictures. I will definitely have to send Marci some - I promise!
Magic Kitty - I don't follow SS but count points on WW. I have really been doing it for the last two weeks and am down 4.5 lbs. I have also increased my water, something I seem to have trouble doing. Now is the time for me to get moving and add some exercise. Besh, are you still doing WW?

Suzanne, how was Hairspray? I didn't see it but heard it's a great show. I also understanding wanting to be with your girls, especially with the Indian summer we are having.

((Dee)) still thinking of you.

Marci - good QOD about the pre-lit tree -- actually, we just bought one last year and I loved it. We'll see if I feel the same way when it comes out this year.

Off to do the usual Sunday stuff like cleaning and laundry, such fun.

Have a wonderful day...Donna

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