Definitely need an exercise to firm my double chin(s) ! HEELLLLLP

soozNovember 12, 2003

Anyone have any good exercises to firm that extra (UGLY!) skin that just hangs down? Lordy, I don't want to get lipo there!

There has to be a firming or toning or resistance exercise for that area!


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I hate it when you no longer have the firm jawline! If there is an exercise for that I would gladly do it faithfully! I'm hoping you get some suggestions (or miracles) LOL

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I don't think this is a good idea - you'd end up with definition on your face and it would look like wrinkles.

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Unfortunately the skin is not attached to any muscles you can exercise to tighten it.

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Just what I figured. I guess the best we can do is smile alot so the wrinkles will curve up instead of down.

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