Crash diet? There is no such thing!!

mackdaddyNovember 21, 2001

Hello all. I was just looking for some info on the Ab Zapper or whatever the latest machine is and I decided to post a message. Perhaps youv'e heard of the Catabolic diet?

I used it to lose 60 pounds(fat, I assure you) in 2 months.I have not only kept it off but Ive got smokin pecs and some Abs that are pokin up--I combined the science(or whatever) of the catabolic diet with a pretty gruesome workout routine and I really did transform my body. I used to weigh 270, but Im now a lean and firm 187. When I lost the weight I walked around with my shirt off for days, and that is something I hadn't had the nerve to do in years!! I actually feel like a man now instead of a big breasted freak-thats how I had always felt. I just wanted to lend some inspiration to all of you who are trying to lose weight. Some call the Catabolic diet a crash diet, and I know (now) that the calories on the diet are severely low, but it works. I got to a point where I would get up every morning and see results(after a morning wizz.)!! And that is how one becomes inspired!! When you wake to see those mudflaps on your arms wiggling less and less, you can look a bucket of chicken right in the eye and declare "No friggin thanks!!!" I have had trouble readjusting my diet to normal foods--2500 calories per day is strange to someone like me, who has eaten...way more than that--but my body is actually becoming something Im proud of. Overall, my point is this: If your weight depresses you, makes you feel ashamed, or desperate, do whatever it takes to love yourself again. If that means losing weight, do it, and do it by any means necessary. What is the point of working for months and months, not seeing results, and failing, and repeating it all over? Find something and run with it. It's not a crash diet if you don't crash, right? When you look in the mirror and see results, it's a lot easier to PERMANENTLY adjust your diet than to visualize or imagine results that are currently a pipe dream. Find a way to lose it as fast as you can, and then use your amazing new self as the inspiration to maintain it.

God Bless

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I haven't heard of the Catabolic diet, can you tell me about it? Thanks


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Maybe you can tell us what the *special* foods are. I am not about to spend any more money on diet info.

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grapes, apples, oranges, pineapple, broccoli, carrots, celery, cauliflower, cucumbers, cherries, and kiwi are some of my favorites. Try to put your foods through this little test: Is it raw? Is it hard to chew? Is it naturally low in calories? If yes to all, than your probably dealing with a "catabolic" food, or a food that requires more calories for digestion than what it provides. You can find huge lists of these foods all over if you just tap "catabolic food list" into your favorite search engine. REMEMBER: If you try this diet, dont drink water for 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after you eat, for water makes it easier to digest your foods. 2: Eat as much as you can.I mean go for broke, all day, as much as you possibly can.You should attempt to have a carrot, apple, or celery stick(or whatever you feel like snacking on) in your hand at all times. And dont worry about thirst, because most of the foods are over 60 percent water, anyway.3: Go to a health food store and score yourself some Apple Cider Vinegar. Mke sure it is UNdistilled, WITH the "Mother."It contains a lot of goodies that your insides will thank you for, as well as acetic acid, which is sort of a "big bad wolf" for fat cells. Three tablespoons daily is the typical amount.ACV is also high in potassium,which will relieve those cramps that you get after a nice brisk walk, which brings us to no.4: Take a nice brisk walk for 30 minutes, and don't hesitate to lug along an apple. Oh, yeah, ACV will scrub away the sodium in your system(potassium is what does this)and that can lead to the am-scraying of excess water, which however superficial, leads to immediate results on the scale. I lost 18 pounds my first week;of course, I weighed 270,about 80 pounds too much for a fella of 6 feet and 2 inches. The fatter you are, it seems, the more sensational the results. Exercise as much as possible, and as long as your out of your 30 minute before and after zone, drink as much water, and only water, as you can. Even if you have the metabolism of a sleeping snail, this diet will give you the results you need to keep it up. One more suggestion: Trade your scale in for a full length mirror. Instead of weighing in once a week, strip down to your birthday suit and check yourself out. In 2 weeks, at the ABSOLUTE MOST, you will see yourself tightening and shrinking as if you had spent 2 months on most other plans.
I know some people say that this diet is too low in calories and protien:perhaps rightly so. I did notice a slight loss of muscle mass.However, it has been my experience that gaining muscle is easier, on the mind and body, than losing fat. If your fat, you most likely have slow metabolism, and I know that slow metabolism is the best situation for gaining muscle. I say lose the fat, by any means necessary, and then adjust your diet in order to maintain your ideal weight and tone up. I was fat all my life, and words could never do justice to the freedom and joy being fit gives you. Hope this helps.
God Bless

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