Hula hoop or sport hoop, do you have one?

JoAnn_FlaOctober 1, 2009

Do you use it and does it help with losing or firming? I'm thinking about trying one. What do you think?

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I just got my hoop today, I like it!! Its 3 lbs and I can tell I had a workout in just 3 min. Hopefully the inches will drop off. I'll let ya know.
here's what it looks like

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link below

Here is a link that might be useful: hoop

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Oh Yes! I discovered hooping in March and in one month lost one inch off my waist. Using the hoop has completely reshaped my midsection. In fact I won a "fat to fit" contest at my gym, which was based on percentage of body fat lost. I only lost 10 lbs, but went from 28.9% to 19.1% body fat. I posted about hooping several times on the Home Decorating forum (Conversations side). I have several hoops now, but started with the 3 lb Acu hoop like the one pictured above. My most recent hoop is the travel hoop from I also got a couple of videos from them. If you buy from Hoopnotica use this code for a discount - TS0926. I can't say enough good things about hooping. It is a fun way to exercise that I can do at home while watching TV. I find it very enjoyable. I am 52 years old and wore a bikini on my last vacation to Mexico.

Here is a link that might be useful: Decorating forum thread

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The hoops at hoopnotica look very light weight are the? Do you like them better then the sport hoop? Do you have a routine or just hoop like when we were kids? Thanks.

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The Hoopnotica hoops are lighter than the Sports hoops, which may make them a little harder for a beginner to use, but would be less likely to cause bruising. (I did get a small bruise my first week or so of using the sport hoop) I wanted to learn to do more than just waist hooping, so I needed a lighter weight, non "wavy" hoop. And contrary to other types of exercise a lighter hoop actually gives you a better workout, since you need to work harder to keep it going. The larger, heavier hoops create momentum, making them easier for hooping. The Hoopnotica instructional DVDs are great for learning the basics and more. I still mostly just waist hoop, but am working on some hoop dance moves. I like to wear wrist weights while I hoop to tone my arms up. A couple of times a week I break up my hooping with weight lifting. I usually hoop during a TV show and lift weights during the commercials.

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