apple cidar vinger

KimOctober 28, 2001

i was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this as a weight loss mother has lost AOLT od weight by taking 2 teaspoons aday in a glass of orange i am thinking about trying it..

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Aw, now, vinegar is good with oil in a salad. Ideas like this go back to the time when' if it tastes bad it must be good for you'! Sorry, eat less and exercise more!

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Salena needs to come out of the middle ages. My family and I have tried this and it works great. Now naturally you can not eat like a pig and expect anything to work. But as a supplement this is GREAT.

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I tried the acv for a couple of months and it didn't do a thing for me. I mixed mine with cranberry juice.

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I heard you have to get the stuff from a health food store over a grocery store. A co-worker tried it for a while and she said she'd take it in the morning and would have no appetite until lunchtime. Maybe it's as good as ephedra as far as suppressing the appetite but far less risky. I think I'm going to give it a shot. I have no problem working out everyday, it's just this damn appetite that keeps bringing me down.

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Acv, can be an effective way to loose weight or to improve your health. As with everything, it works different for everyone. It is most effective if taken 3x aday 4 if you are a snacker. Start with 1tsp and work your way up to 2 or 3 tsp. 15- 20minuutes befor each meal. You can add it to a small amount of water or a whole glass. Always follow it with more water. I mix mine with honey. I did use juice for a while but I wasn't getting the appetite surpressing effect as much. But it does work for everyone different as no one it the same.
here's a place that may be able to help you more. I buy my acv from my local healthfood store. It is not expensive.


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Can you just take the vinegar alone? The juice and honey makes it too sweet.

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I am having some acidity problem.
Can I still take acv?

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My doctor just ordered me to take a tablespoon of vinegar in a glass of water with artificial sweetener every morning. I have problems with acid reflux, so I was worried what it would do to me, but so far it is okay. I mix it with Crystal Light lemonade. I assume it was his intention that I lose some weight, but I was seeing him about my cholesterol.

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This is an old diet. It's called the apple cider vinegar kelp diet. Instead of taking the vinegar straight, I bought some capsules. I had to quit taking them, though, when I started having some stomache problems (I was also taking Aleve for back pain at the same time, which is also hard on the stomache). I'm going to try it again, though.

Beward consuming the stuff in liquid form. Bad for the teeth.

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i use acv three times a day and i walk 45 mins a day its working very good i put 2tbs v. and 8oz water. and a lil suger and ice .the colder the better..

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