need an excersise!

nataleeOctober 6, 2001

Hey, does anyone know of any good excersises that will make my leg musscles bigger? I have really long legs, but they are so skinny, so if anyone knows of any excersises, they would be appreciated! Also if anyone knows of anything that will make my butt a bit bigger, that would be great, thanx in advance!

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Leg exercises: Squats are one of the best. Leg extensions, lounges are close behind. Just ensure you have propeer form and eating right. Heaslthy eating habits are probably more important than the lifting itself


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Walking :o)

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absolutly right . Squats are the best for building leg mass and also your glutes (buttisimo). The more wieght you use the more the body has to adapt and grow . Dont overdue it and use a spotter .

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hey, thanx for ur suggestions! but what exactly is a squat and how do you do them? I don't know much about excercising so if someone can tell me that would be great!

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To do a squat, you just pretend you are sitting down.Your weight will be on your heels and your thighs will be parallel to the floor. That will work your butt and your thighs.If you put your feet closer together and squat, it will work your inner thigh.You can also hold a weight bar behind your head(sitting on your shoulder/back area) or hold dumbbells in your hands. But remember that you have to work your calves also or you will look unbalanced. To do this, stand on a curb or something with the front part of your foot on the curb and the back half off. Hold a weight in your hand,maybe 10 lbs.,and lower your heel below the curb, then stand on your toes. Just keep lowering yourself up and down.All your weight on that one leg.You will need to hold onto something to maintain balance. I can recommend two great books: Hardbodies, by Gladys Portuguese and Now or Never, by Joyce Vedral. They are just wonderful for a beginner. Have fun!

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Form is everything... make sure you start with a low weight and get the form right or you'll end up screwing up your back or knees.

I used have gym exercise video clips linked that show you the proper form, but I can't find them. DOH!

Buy a book with pictures or ask a pro.

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Bicycling ... ever see a Tour de France biker with scrawny legs?

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