Shin splints? Ouch!

NikeOctober 22, 2002

I am training for the Marathon inside of a gym on a treadmill and have been having all sorts of problems with what I think is shin splints? I saw my sports doctor recently who put me on celebrex, which does nothing for my pain. I saw him last night at the gym and he's thinking of sending me to a physical therapist. Have any of you gotten shin splints (on both legs) and what do you do to treat it? The only thing working for me right now is masking the pain with a quadruple dosage of anti inflammatories. Ack!

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I had them in college when I was in dance class every day.

I did an ace bandage wrap, wrapped around the shin such that it pulled from the outside of the leg inwards, if that makes sense. If you stick your right leg out, it would be counter-clockwise, if that helps visualize. The ace wrap helped alleviate the pain.

Physical Therapy, to help heal them and set you on the road to be able to prevent them in the future, would be wise.

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Many years ago when I was training for a half Marathon I developed shin splints. I relied on lots of Ibuprofen during that period and for the Marathon. Afterwards it hurt so bad that I had it xrayed. I ended up with a breakage in my shin and had to stop running for a couple of months. After that I decided to stick with shorter runs. You might want to ask your Dr. about the possibility of this happening to you. Good luck!

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I was having a terrible time with shin splints from Step Dancing. (lots of high bounces and hops and you are on your toes and no pading, just leather soled shoes)

My dancing instructor gave me an exersize that absolutely fixed them. It takes 2 though.

Put one leg up on a table. about the high of a kitchen table. Keep your leg straight but relaxed. Have someone gently press on your foot (at the top between the middle and the toes), so your shin area is stretching, you'll feel the relief right away. Hold it for a slow count to ten and repeat with other leg and as needed. It is better if you can do this before and after you run.

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