WANTED: apron patterns

icecreamgrannyNovember 28, 2003

I had a friend that ages ago had a pattern for an apron that could also be a sun bonnet for working in the yard. I love aprons and would love to find that one again. If you have any apron patterns that are a little different then the normal I would love to have a copy or at least the idea. I have apron patterns that I can trade with. Thanks Judy

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Hi I have that pattern somewhere but where I don't remember right at this moment. I will loook and see if I can find it but if I remember correctly I found the pattern in the Keepsake Quilting catalog. I have an apron here (antique) that I thought perhaps I could make a pattern from also. There are several different ways of doing these. I am a soapmaker and this is my busy season right now but the first chance I get I will see if I can find the pattern. I am 72 years old and move a little slower than I used to LOL

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Here's one, Judy. I made a sunbonnet/apron years ago (maybe 20 or 25 years ago!), and as I remember it had more 'body' to it... the brim was stiffer, I think. But this one will get you started. Maybe someone else will post a link to another one for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Apron/Sunbonnet Combination

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Thank-you Red for the pattern link. I printed it up and I agree the with you about this one being a little less then the "original" I remember. This would make up great for my granddaughters and I'm going to make a couple and perhaps an idea will come to me!! Thanks to you also Doris! I know what you mean about being slower and I am only 51! I will appreciate you finding the pattern and making the other for me whenever your time allows. I just love how people on the forum are so helpful. If there is anything either of you might need or just want let me know! I have many patterns and am always pleased to share. Thanks Judy

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