HCG diet - Zevia soda

gettindownOctober 15, 2009

Has anyone on the HCG diet drank the diet soda "Zevia"?

It is sweetened with Stevia & another plant-derived sugar substitute, Erythritol.

It has 0 calories, o carbs.

I gave up Diet Coke months ago to ween myself off Aspartame (excitotoxin)

Anyway, I drank a couple of Zevias yesterday & still lost my usual 1/2 lb a day.

Wondering if anyone else had any experience with it.

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I don't like the taste of any of those artificial sweeteners, and that includes Truvia, which has stevia in it. Water's good.

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I love it! I mean it has not stalled my weight loss one little bit and it is a nice change from the boring and off limits!
Whole foods has a dozen flavors.

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I just drank my 1st can of Zevia(ginger ale) flavor! Love it...Whole foods had every flavor. I have one more week before I go to the 21 day maintance phase...and this just may get me over the slump of water drinking only. I have lost 13 1/2 so far after 20 days on HCG....a total of 17 since Feb 1st!!!! All smiles here with my new drink :)

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