Mediterranean diet?

lavender_lassOctober 23, 2009

Has anyone had luck on the Mediterranean diet? I've tried a somewhat modified version for the last six months and I've lost about twenty pounds :) I don't eat red meat, cut down on alcohol, replaced dairy with soy and try to eat more fruits and vegetables (doing better with the fruit so far) LOL

Also, worked a lot in the garden, where I had some great veggies for a while.

Anyone else have any suggestions? Now that the weather is turning cold and the holidays are coming up, would love some inspiration!

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I don't know a lot about the diet, except that a friend did it to lower his cholesterol. He followed it to the letter and did succeed in improving his blood chemistry numbers as well as losing 20 pounds in about 6 months. (He wasn't really overweight though--just a little heavier than he typically had been most of his life). He is now fit and trim. All I really know is that he used all whole-grains and olive oil as his only added fat. He ate mostly fish and chicken, but did do some red meat, but it was limited in frequency and portion. I don't know about dairy. And I think he cut out all or almost all sugars.
There definitely seemed to be something that worked well for him. I hope you find all the success you're looking for. Best wishes--and if you'd like, join us on the weekly weigh-in thread for encouragement and accountability.

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Hi Lavender Lass,

Which Mediterranean diet have you been following -- is it an eDiets one? Or a book?

I need to lose weight and that type of diet would be best suited to how i eat now (although i dont eat meat or fish, so I'd need to swap for beans). I cook with a lot of fresh veggies, wholegrains, etc, and little processed food, and like to have a glass of wine (or more than one, which is part of the problem!).

Just wondered which plan you are following. Thanks!

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