I don't understand the 'calories from fat ' concept on labels.

heidihoOctober 6, 2004

I'm trying to stay on a 1500 calorie diet plan but don't understand the "calories from fat " concept on labels. If it says 150 calories and 50 calories from fat do I count 50 as my total calories per serving ? I understand the rest of it but can't get the calorie thing. I've tried several web sites but I leave them more confused than I was when I went in there. Thanks so much for your time and have a nice evening.

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You would list 150 calories as your total caloric intake for that particular food. If using Fitday, it will figure everything else out for you. If it's not a food on the Fitday list, You have the option to go to "specialty foods" or some such title... ( I can't remember the exact heading) but it's the option to enter a food and it's nutritional value into the data base.

When a food label says "50 calories from fat" that just means that the OTHER calories are from proteins, carbs etc. but ,unfortunately, they still are part of your total calorie count for that food and you have to count them.

I hope that was clear. Feel free to e mail me with fitday questions. Their customer service is very good at responding as well.

Good luck!


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The FitDay option I was referring in the above post is called "Custom Foods". You just enter a specific food and its nutritonal contents from the label per the instructions, and that info for that particular food will be stored in your data base. You can then retrieve the info by going to "custom foods" at any time.

I hope that clarifies things some.


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Thanks for your help.

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