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lunchlady1948October 16, 2006

I want my clothes loose enough to prove I'm a lady

And tight enough to show I am a woman

Mae West

I saw this quote the other day in the dressing room at CURVES~~I think it discribes me LOL!! Too bad I do not have the cruves she had:)

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Well morning LL...I was missing you and wondering if you left town...I understand the quote above and I tell ya...I'm so tired of the "fat chick shirts" you know the big shirts you wear to cover your bulk....I'll slip this one in here...I weighed 146.8 this morning.....that's good...down again...I haven't been 146 in ages...so it's a good thing...I ate good yesterday even though it included a hamburger...or part of one....We ate out and I made it fit into my points but..I shouldn't be eating it because of the cholesterol thing....

Going to have my eyes checked today for cataracts or any disease and hope to get to the gym after but if not (will I be too tired? ) I'll work out at home....I am enjoying the workouts and I know when I am working out, I lose weight...it's as simple as that...then...I have lots of yard work I hope to get done in the next few days, that should help some too...I read ages ago (years?) that my ideal weight should be 115 to 138...and that 138 always seemed so hard to reach and yesterday I was reading somewhere that the range was up to 148...gotta check that again and see...I know that I could live with myself at the weight I am now because I've lost 25 pounds but I would still have some belly that I'd like to get rid of....

Hope everyone is finding that weight loss niche and enjoying it....one thing I have learned with all this is that I hate that feeling of being so overstuffed that you get when you overeat.....I hope all those days are behind me....I love the feeling of getting up from the table ...perfectly satisfied...as MS says....It's a good thing....Have a great day all...

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Trip to Memphis was fun - ate reasonably well I think. I did splurge on some good ribs Fri night, but hope I have enough time before WI to recover from it :-) (I had a baked potato and slaw instead of baked beans, so that was good!)

Went to doctor yesterday for annual checkup. Heaviest I have ever been in my life according to his records. Made me happy I could report the 6 pounds I have lost so far!

Bad news: my bachaches are confirmed to be endometriosis. I didn't see that coming - I thought I had just strained my back. At my age not much we can do about it except manage the symptoms. Makes me feel good to at least know what it is, even if I still hurt.

Anyway, eating as religiously as I can in advance of Thur WI! Hope to see no gains, after this trip!

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TK you did good on your trip, it is hard to eat out. I always do good on breakfast and lunch, but usually dinner is a bust:( I need to sit down and figure out how many extra points I can have now that I am a Lifer~~~I think I got 35 a week as everyone does, and 4 extra a day for being on maintence, the ones I am not sure of anymore are the work out ones~~so far that adds up to 9 a day HMMM that is pretty good:)

TK it is good to know what is causing the backaches and that you are under Dr's care for it.

Ruthie how tall are you?? I am 5'4" the high end on the WW's charts is 148 for me and I am at 146 I feel like I am maintaining it well even with my slip ups. I would like to get below 145 and lose my belly also. I am thinking of getting something to at least hold it in or keep it from jiggling when I wear certain things:) Maybe when I finally go for a bra fitting I will try that out too:) Does anyone wear such things?? If so what brands I have tried some on at a couple of stores and looked like a sausage LOL!! I think I needed different brands or maybe not one at all!

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I'm 5'3" tall and I too would like to be below 145...I would like to be about 135...If I were there I think I would be about a size 8 or maybe 10 but without the belly...I still have more belly than I want to carry around...

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GAWD! I am so pooped out! I have been doing all of the fixin' and serving the food for the over 300 kids the last two days since my new asst is being trained on the computer.

I could not even make it to CURVES today I was so tired,I think all of the running around to do the food was exercise enough!!! WHEW!! I was even too tired to eat my lunch today and yesterday:( I needed a nap!

The gal is trained now so I may kick her off the compter tomorrow and take a rest:)

The weather here is great how about yours??

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Well so much for WI tonight :-)

I have an employee who's last day is today. So we took the team to Maggiano's Italian for lunch.

I ordered the roasted veggie sandwich and a side salad.
Planned on eating the salad and 1/2 sandwich.

Well -- today they put breaded, fried zucchini on the roasted veggie SW!!

I mentioned to the waitress that it was supposed to be roasted, which to me has never meant fried and breaded!

She said well it is roasted veggies, WITH the breaded zucchini.

UGH! I felt my arteries harden as I ate it. She didn't even offer to make me something else!


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TK I love that resturant. The waitress was rude and I do not think roasted means breaded~~I like the place, but we have had bad service there also. The portions are huge I love their house salad.

You will do fine at your WI :)

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Hi all...I just wanted to say hello...nothing new in the weight loss dept..I was really tired yesterday so I skipped exercise today...don't forget that I'm 67 so I can use that as an excuse not to get myself overly exhausted...They installed our hottub today and I wanted to do a great workout so that I could enjoy it but they didn't have a GFI breaker and won't let us use it until tomorrow when they will come back to install it...

I forgot to weigh this morning but I have been eating good so I may not have lost any but don't think anything disasterous has happened at the scale either...

My husband bought a frozen pizza for himself tonight ...well for us but I'm not eating it...I am having pizza but my own homemade...no fat...actually I like mine better...can't stand the taste of all that fat any more...makes my mouth feel greasy...who would have "thunk" it...

Hope you ladies all eat good tonight and stay on plan...

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I really could not have asked for a better WI considering the week I have had.

I maintained!! To the ounce!!!

I'm on track for the most part so I'm optimistic about next week's WI.

Weather tomorrow should be pretty so we're headed to Cagle's Dairy for leaf peeping and pumpkin picking!

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Well the scale wasn't working for me this am although it worked just fine for husband...shows how much I know about electronic things...At any rate we had a little impromptu party last night...We finished the deck addition and the hot tub and several neighbors stopped by to see the new deck so we called a couple more and ended up with a happy hour that lasted about 5 or 6 hours...It was great fun and although I ate a few things I shouldn't have...I didn't pig out....I had plenty of booze though...but I was drinking with a calorie free mix....We have such a great circle of friends and we never quite know when a party will start so I always keep party type food in the fridge...and I did eat a few chips but mostly "lite" pimento cheese and 99% fat free black forest ham...so I don't think I did too much damage...going to head to the workshop and get some exercise going in a few minutes...One really nice thing though was one of my neighbors who I had not seen recently said...Girl you are looking good...made my day because she is on a weight loss thing too and she knows how hard it is to get the pounds off...

It's the weekend so careful that you watch your food and stay on plan...well if you screw up...just enjoy and then get back on plan ASAP...Have a great weekend everyone.

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