Has anyone tried the AbEnergizer?

Munchie62October 18, 2001

I just saw an infomercial for the AbEnergizer. They "claim" to be better than any of the others, specifically Ab-Tronics. I almost bought the Ab-Tronics, but after reading everyone's comments I decided against it.

So now I am considering the AbEnergizer. But 1st I wanted to see if anyone has tried it.

They even have a website (not much info yet, most of it is still under construction) AbEnergizer.com

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I, too, am interested in user information on the Ab Energizer. The Abtronic seemed to break down too much, have short battery life, deteriorate quickly (belt) and other bothersome reports. How about Ab Energizer? The was another three word product that had good reports; but I can't remember the name...looked something like Ray-o-vac?????

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i belive the product you are referrin to is the rio ab belt. all the reports i've read on it say it holds up better than the abtronic and delivers better results. its also only $80 compared to the $130ish of the abtronic

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If anyone has tried the abenergizer and it has worked without any pain and extra expences with replacing parts please let me know. I would also like to know if it has worked for people after they have had a baby(lower ab
Thank you

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I to would like to know if the Ab Energizer really works. If anyone tries it out please let me know if it works or have to put out more money replacing parts. I read alot about the AbTronic but it was to exspensive and the parts had to be replaced frequently. I would like something that works but not too exspensive. Thanks.

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Does anyone have the phone # to order? The website is still under construction but no phone # is given on the home page

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It's great that others are interested, I'm looking forward to hearing from someone who has actually used this AbEnergizer product.
If you are out there let's here from you.

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I bought the AbEnergizer. I wish I had read the forums first. I put it on 3 times. It is so awkward and hard to get tight around your abd. I had to put it on backwards then twist it around to the front, of course I ended up getting most of the gel on my back. I am sending it it back and from what I read tonight, this company isn't at all reliable and has several judgements againsts them. Wish me luck. The abtronic sounds like it works well but needs replacement parts all the time. I'm thinking of trying, the AbGymnic, on eBay. It's $29.99 so if it doesn't work I'm not out that much. Has anyone ever heard of it?

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Great. I finally just got my Ab Energizer in the mail today (took 6 weeks) and now I'm scared to open it. I have seen a handful of reviews on it and they are mostly mixed. Some say it's excellent others say it has just as many problems as most of the rest of these type of machines. Why do I have a feeling this will be another dud for me? I really don't want to think about returning it. I got it from As Seen On TV and I'm sure it'll be like pulling teeth to get my money back. Ah well, guess I'm getting ahead of myself. Wish me luck!

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This is a repost:

I've had my Abenergizer for about a month and it appears to be working as advertized. Yes, it is a little difficult to secure sometimes, but I attribute that to my gut more than to any flaw with the product. The reason I think it is working is that I have gone to the gym regularly for years and I always do crunches. They never appear to yield any results. But after using the Abenergizer for less than a month I already notice that my abs are stronger when I do my thing in the gym. It also works to relieve pain in my lower back.
Those of you who don't like the Abenergizer, are you also exercising? If not, don't blame the product. Besides, what do you expect for $60 bucks?

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Well I have tried it twice now and I don't have any major complaints. I have not yet mastered the right placement of the belt. I seem to keep putting it too high up so I'm having problems keeping the top electrode in contact with the skin. I haven't noticed any painful stinging like I had read might happen. It feels like a light masage... I have to wonder if it actually is contracting my muscles or just massaging the fat because my muscles aren't sore at all yet! LOL Guess I should be patient. I'll keep you posted....

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I have it and I love it. You can figure that it takes at least 4 weeks to see improvment with regular crunches, but it has been 2 and I am seeing a lot. It is a litle tricky to put on the first couple of times, but not horrible. I can do more sit ups than I ever could before. The only thing is I get cloged pores from the gel and they hurt when I use the thing, but I just but a little piece of tissue over them. You have to make sure you wash it off of your stomach with soap right after.

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I have had the Ab Energizer for about a week. Yes, it is difficult to get secure, but if you lie down for the 10 minutes (I read in bed a lot), it's not bad. The best part about it, so far, has been on over-stressed muscles. I over-did my leg workout at the gym the other day (hadn't done anything in too long, and went overboard, to say the least!), and after I used the AbEnergizer on my legs, the pain subsided a WHOLE LOT.

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