Just 10 lbs. to go and it's tough!

mushOctober 5, 2004

I thought the beginning was tough, but now with just 10 more pounds to my goal, I am finding it very difficult to stay motivated. I feel wonderful, look great, and I'm having a ball buying new clothes. I am still being careful about what I eat but just can't seem to get myself to really work at getting the last bit off. Is anyone else struggling with this stage?

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Congratulations! You are SO close! Keep pictures of the "old" you next to a pic of the "new" you on your fridge, next to the computer, and in the corner of your mirrors. Wear some of your new clothes in the "new you" pics.

Write in a little notebook everyday, of how proud you are of yourself, how these last few lbs are NOTHING compared to what you've already lost, how good you feel now, how fun it is to buy new clothes in smaller sizes!

Plan a big reward for yourself for when you reach goal weight!

Beef up your exercise routine to Zap your metabolism, maybe taking up something new; Yoga? Pilates? Swimming? train for a marathon/ bike- a- thon? Tennis lessons?

I think it is WONDERFUL that you have come this far. Keep checking in so that we can give you support. You are almost to the finish line!!


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Well, Mush,

It's about time we got an update from you..... How goes it? Let us cheer you on! You can serve as inspiration for the rest of us!


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I got on the scales this morning and I've lost 1 pound in the last 2 weeks. It seems to be taking so long now! But I have made up my mind to just get it off even if does seem to take forever. Now I feel I don't need to rush it. I feel good about myself. Do you know I have even gone down a 1/2 size in my shoes! My toes are thinner! LOL!

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You are an inspiration to be that close. Thanks. I'm so far off, I can't imagine yet how that will feel. I bet an increase in activity would help. Maybe you can set aside some time, only temporarily until you get there to increase exercise/activity, maybe 50%?

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