Heart Rate Monitors

michie1October 18, 2002

I am considering getting my husband a wireless heart rate monitor for Xmas. I know he won't like wearing the wired ones around his chest while biking or jogging, plus I'm not sure they'd fit around his chest either.

Does anyone know if they are as accurate as the wired ones or how they work?

I know they can be expensive, but I was wondering if anyone can recommend any that are good & don't have unneeded expensive features.



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Does your husband have a heart problem of some sort? If so, I would ask his doctor what he reccomends. Is his doctor advising him to jog?

If he doesn't have a problem, why on earth are you going to get something like this? He should be able to tell how fast his heart is beating by feeling his own pulse and counting. It takes a little practice, but it is the easiest way of keeping track of how hard the heart is working.

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Although my husband does have a left bundle branch block of the heart, which is more like a different way it conducts it's electricity than most, it's not something that impedes his ability to exercise or it's functioning. He works a physically difficult job & has always exercised both with weights & aerobics (running). He's under the care of a cardiologist b/c of family history to heart disease, which he does not have.

One does not get a heart rate monitor only b/c they have a problem - one reason would be to monitor target heart rate which is at the best way one should be exercising to get maximum benefit. I think he exercisie harder than he needs to.

We both know how to count pulse rate & check but when you're exercising one usually stops to check this & not that is not accurate.


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