Question about soy candles

donalitikOctober 12, 2002

I just purchased a soy candle at . My friend said that when she burned a soy candle, she rubbed some of the wax on her skin to make it smell like the candle. I'd never heard anyone doing that before. Is it safe to do that? The soycandle I bought smells really great; but I don't want to do what she did before I hear what others have to say about it. Thanks

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Your question really is whether the base of the soy candle is safe on your skin and whether the additives like scent and color are also safe on the skin. My uneducated guess is that it wouldn't permanently harm you, however it is possible you would get a slight skin irritation. The folks that could tell you the best would be ones at Tulalit. They know exactly all the ingredients in the candles. I'd just e-mail them and ask.

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I doubt that a soy candle would harm your friend...but why doesn't she just buy cologne? NancyLouise

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