Weekly Weigh-in week of 10/11/09

harold14370October 11, 2009

I changed my mind and decided to start a new thread this week after all. It looks like a few of our members are returning and we are getting more posts.

Last week, only two of us actually weighed in.

Harold - Weight 196, lost 2, total lost 79

Ivamae - Weight 170, lost 2, total lost 22

My results this week:

Weight 196, lost 0, total lost 79

Avg. Calories - Food 1912, exercise 284, steps 13184

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Hi Harold... Wa-hoooo!!! You're under 200? That's fabulous.

I'm at 140. Groan. But I'm not exercising either :) Need to get back in the loop.

Chia seeds are helping with energy and helping me feel full. I need some incentive to lose some weight!!

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Hi, Silver.

A few thoughts that might help with your motivation.

Swimsuit season is not that far off. If you start now, you could be beach-ready by only losing a pound or two a month. Much easier that way.

You don't want to have another picture taken like that one in the snowsuit. Yes, we remembered that story.

Hubby will appreciate the arm candy.

You will set a good example for your daughter.

You need to make a permanent change in your eating habits. No time like the present to get started.

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I weighed this morning and was 169. That is one more pound lost. I'm thrilled. Hope it continues.

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I'm still at 139. While I'm not excited that I haven't lost the weight I gained when we had a visitor, I am excited that I didn't gain any more while traveling. Travel is so hard for me--sitting still a long time, eating restaurant food and all the special foods that the people you're visiting make to celebrate your presence (same thing we did when we had an out of town guest).
But I'm back at home now and able to do my own food prep with full knowledge of all ingredients, so I hope to get back to losing again now.

Harold, you are so right about a lifetime change. I'll have to always watch what I eat, when I eat, and how much I eat in order to lose and then maintain. There's no way I can ever hope to have this over with so I can go back to what was previously "normal" eating for me. Lifetime change. Yep.

Ivamae, congrats on the one more pound, and on getting below 170!
Harold, you'll probably have a melt this week since you didn't see a change on the scale. It's coming!

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Hi guys

I was 131.2 yesterday morning. I did not weigh in last week. Any time I checked my weight last week, it was showing in upper 130s and I wasnt sure what was going on.I guess it was my all coffee and no water week . Anyway, i am hoping to lose some weight this week if not any gain.

Harold and Ivamae , you are doing great.
Silver, nice to see you back reporting on the thread. I missed you and Ek.

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Hi Everyone,
Sorry I've been MIA. There were 3 of us sick last week,plus DH's Aunt who lives with us had cataract surgery last Wed. This week I've had Dr appointments everyday. I'm soooo tired. Can't sleep well.

I remembered to weigh yesterday and I was 158 or 159. Can't remember. Don't remember what I was last time!

Silver, tell me more about what you are taking for energy. PLEASE!

I miss all of you. Lots of grabbing meals out in between Dr appts. I watch the biggest loser and want to run away and join them to just have some uninterupted ME time to get on the treadmill if nothing else.

Can you tell I'm tired? Gripe,gripe,gripe! I feel better all ready!

Love y'all,

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All day yesterday something has been bothering me and I finally realized it was my gaining weight . So I came back to the post and saw the number I posted here . Sure I did a typo. I was actually 132.8 not 131.2 . So I gained weight :-((

I am so looking forward to kick 130s and step into 120s.

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Jasmi, that's not enough to be a real gain. It's probably just a fluctuation upward, which happens for lots of reasons. I'm sure it will straighten out for you. You are so close to getting out of the 130s. It's going to happen very soon. Maybe even this week! Best wishes!

I am happy that the scale went down a lot for me today--not official weigh-in day, but still encouraging. I was 137.5 today, which suggests that the little gain I had from entertaining/traveling is going away quickly. And I wore my new size 8 jeans all day today. That's a happy thing!

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