Tred Mill

urleeOctober 23, 2002 has a nonmotorized tred mill for $119.00.

Are they as good as a motorized one as far as exercising benefits?

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My son just bought an eliptical cross trainer. It's a cross between a bike and a treadmill. My physical therapist is happy it is in the house and told me to use it. Am in therapy for knee injuries.
Kathy G in MI
It was about $400.00

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I traded some summer produce and a summers worth of bread to a lady for her treadmill. An inexpensive one (proform) but it has served me well for four winters. IF I could afford a new one, the only real change would be a longer belt. The motorized ones require you to keep pace which gives you a standard work out.

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I have a motorized one but I heard the other is better because you have to make it move,more work.

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I just purchased a non-motorized one. The latest info says that they are better for you. Mine also has the computer that monitors your heart rate, distance, etc. The important thing is that you reach your target heart rate and maintain it for a period of time.

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