Has anyone heard of

cutiepatootieOctober 29, 2003

the the dinner party menu that the guests pick from a selection of fun made up names. For example the menu has about 12 made up names and the guests pick their personal selections for each course. They could be eating ice cream with their knife for the first course and on down the line. I can't find anything on the net but I have heard of this. Please help

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How funny you should mention this....my mom did this for my birthday party when I was about 10 years old (I'm now 31) and I completely forgot about it until my mom reminded me last week. I now remember it and it was so fun.

In my case, what she did was gave all the foods a name of an animal. She had stuff like spaghetti, garlic bread, apple sauce, ice cream, etc. Even the utensils got names. She then had the kids pick out 2 animals for their first course, and whatever food was the animal they picked is what they got. Then they picked 2 more, and so on.....

Some people ended up having applesauce and a straw, funny stuff like that. It is fun....

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Steph I remember you kids had a great time with that!
I told DianaL about it and thought it might be fun for Breannas birthday party last week.
I haven't heard if she did it or not.
Never thought of doing it for adults. That would be really fun!!

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I remember someone posting about it around a year ago. I'll have to look up my files and see if I saved it. It sounded great.

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