HCG Dieters (New Thread)

Michelle01October 5, 2011

Since the original HCG thread is full and you cant post anymore reply's I figured I would start a new one.

I been on the HCG Diet for the last 4 weeks. I have to say it isn't easy limiting your calorie intake. I have lost a total of 28 pounds. This is the first diet that I noticed real results. Usually my husband goes on a diet with me and it seems like he just sheds off the pounds quick and I have a hard time losing 1 to 2 pounds a week. (very frustrating) I am so excited about my weight loss this time I had to post!


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Michelle I been researching this diet for a few weeks now. Are you doing the drops or the injections?

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Hi all.
I got my drops yesterday and started my first "laod" day today. Loading is hard when u r already not use to eating very much so maybe this will be the hardest part for me. I have 68# to loose by Feb. 1. wish me luck and I will keep u all posted on my progress.

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I wish you all the luck on your goal gagirl35. Just stick with it...

Hartford I am doing the injections. After researching a bit they seem to be much better

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ok here it is the end of load day one and i am so full i feel sick. one more day of this and then the weight starts to fall off(fingers crossed). i have a wedding to attend on nov 5 and maybe i can get a cute new dress.

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Michelle did you need to get a prescription from your doctor for the shots?

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I get my HCG online. When you first place your order you have to answer a few questions either online or by phone so a Doctor can review it. It takes like 10 mins. Then it takes around 2 weeks for the delivery.

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on day 2 of loading. new to the hcg diet and hoping this works. still not sure about the amount of veggies that i can have. i do have all my meat pre weighed at 3.5-4 oz per serving and i understand the fruit but in order to get 500 cal. a day what about veggies. if 1 cup of lettuce = 8 cal. is it ok to have 4 cups =28 cal with lunch?

here is and example of my first meal starting tomorrow
10 hcg drops and black coffee for breakfast

10 hcg drops and 3.4 oz of chicken, 1 lg apple, 6 cups lettuce all of this =250 cal

10 hcg drops and 3.5 oz of shrimp, 1 lg cucumber, 20 med strawberries this all = 250 cal

brings my total for the day to 500 cal

does this sound ok for this diet?

any comments and/or suggestions would be very much appreciated

i want to do well and just need a little advice


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Michelle if you don't mind me asking what is the online pharmacy you use?

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I get my HCG from www.EscrowRefills.com It usually takes 2 weeks from the day I order. I been dealing with them for 3 years now and never had a problem. They charge a $4.99 fee for their doctor to review your order. Its nice since you don't need a prescription from your doctor. I get 3 - 5000 iu vials for $80.00 I also get other medication from them like antibiotics.
Here is a coupon code for $30.00 off your purchase. Just go to www.EscrowRefills.com and put the code in the Invitation Code: CID212695

With the discount code 15,000 iu of HCG will be around $50.00 plus shipping..
Hopefully this helps!

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Gagarl35, I am writing this for you and others who will read this thread.

My wife was 60 when she did the diet. She wanted to loose around 20 lb. She went the minimum and lost the weight. I watched with interest and decided to do it if she was willing to help. She is the cook and it meant a lot of work for her with the food preparation. She agreed. I was 67 at the time and lost 65 lbs in two sessions from 235 to 170.

I kept most of it off for a year but eventually gained 20 lbs. I did another session, I got that 20 off and have been maintaining that weight eating mostly protein. Gave up the toast for breakfast.

The best part of the diet is we both gave up carbonated drinks. We drank coffee, green tea, and lots of water during the diet and have wine for dinner now. We sweetened the tea with Stevia. Now that is all we use except for the homemade ice cream she makes with Xylitol. No Splenda or Nutri-Sweet. Both will make you put on weight because your body doesn't get it's sugar fix so you eat more carbs to make up for it.

Friends and relatives saw what we did and used the protocol with much the same success. The only one who had problems was our daughter. She doesn't eat a lot of meat so it was hard to get the protein. She did loose the weight when all was said a done.

There are two ways to use the HCG. Shots or Bi-lingual. Those are the only ways a hormone can inter your blood stream. We all used the drops. Our instructions said you were to keep it under your tongue for a minute. That is the only place it will inter your blood. I made sure I kept it there for well over a minute and advise others to do the same. Once you swallow it, no more will inter your blood.

The other thing some people had a problem with was they couldn't understand how your body could function on 500 calories. If you read Simeon's protocol, you will learn that when women are pregnant, the HCG in their body allows them to use their stored fat if they can't find food. It is from when we were hunters and gathers. This is so their body would not use the good fat in muscles and joints except as a last resort when the stored fat is gone. It is the only thing that releases the stored fat that is usually in the belly of men and thighs in women.

Once your body gets a high enough level of HCG, it will release and use your stored fat if it can't get enough calories from what you eat. That is why you don't want any fat in your diet or skin products. You eat 500 calories and your stored fat supplies 1500 or more for what your body needs each day. That is why you lose a pound a day or more from the right places.

If you run out of stored fat, your body will let you know and you will have to stop the HCG and up the protein. That happened to my wife.

My typical breakfast was and orange smoothie with 1 orange with Sweetleaf Vanilla Creme liquid Stevia, . For a change she made it with 1/2 orange and 3 strawberries or 6 strawberries. One orange or 6 strawberries are max for a day along with 1 apple of any size.

The main thing with lunch and dinner is the weight of the meat/protein with little or no fat. The vegetables weren't as exact. Two handfuls was the rule. She used Brag's Apple cider vinegar for dressing on salads with a few spices.

I am easy to please and will eat most things. One of my favorites was a 93/7% hamburger patty with 1/2 an onion and 1/4 of a bell pepper sauteed with garlic in fat free chicken broth. She sliced a small tomato and put it around it. We have it now and during the maintenance period with cheese and more fat in the hamburger.

A few times she made a Sorbet with lemon juice and Stevia as a treat

The bread stick is important. We used Safeway Select with sea salt. I usually had them at night with an apple. You are supposed to eat 2. Sometimes I would have one of them between meals to take the edge off if I needed it.

As I stated before,drink lots of liquids. On warm days we had iced green tea with Stevea. We do the same now.

Your body expels most of the waste from burning calories through your breath and urine. There is not much solid waste lbs wise. I decided it was more accurate for me to weigh first thing in the morning after I urinated. I have weighed before and after a bowel movement numerous times and can't see a difference. If you wait until after a bowel movement, you can have all kinds of variables affecting your weight depending on how much you have eaten or drank if it is later in the day.

The best thing about this diet is that it gets you off of sugar for a month or more. Stay off it. You will be much healthier in the long run. I am still amazed that I have no desire to drink a soda pop. Water is just fine.

We hope it works as well for all who try it as it did for us. BobnBernie

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i know this is a few months old but thought id try to resurrect this thread.
my dh and i started loading on friday last and started dieting on sunday.
i have lost ten lbs today.
eating is actually pretty easy, because there are so few choices.

i am worried about gaining back in a year or two. anyone have any experience a couple of years out from the diet they'd like to share?

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Annie Deighnaugh

I've not ever heard of this diet before, but I find it stunning. The whole point of losing weight is to be healthy. I don't see how you can be healthy by injecting yourself with hormones and eating only 500 calories a day. Certainly this is not something you can live with for any length of time...or at least not without great difficulty. I would suggest that you can lose weight by eating 500 calories a day without hormones. And I would suggest that with or without hormones, 500 calories a day is not enough to maintain health.

I would also think that losing weight and gaining health for the long term would be the goal. Cutting sugar and sodas is a good thing. Drinking more water is a good thing. Eating lots of vegetables is a good thing. All that can be done and help you lose weight without adding hormones or without going to extremes that can't be maintained.

You only have one body in this lifetime....please take the best care you can of it...you can't live without it.

Here is a link that might be useful: HCG diet risks

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