Does this menu sound OK?

mizmomSeptember 5, 2008

We are having my husbands work group for dinner. There will be 15-18 people (couples all adults).

appetizer = boiled shrimp and cocktail sauce

-Beef brisket ( warmed but presliced, precooked from Sam's with barbeque sauce on the side)

-Cresent rolls

-potatoe casserole (the one made with frozen hashbrowns, cream of chicken soup and cheddar cheese)

-baked beans

-tossed salad

dessert = fruit torte (also from Sam's...I haven't tried it yet so I hope it is good but it looks great)

Nothing is really truly homemade except the tossed salad so I am feeling a little guilty....maybe I will make a homemade barbeque sauce.

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Sounds great--the only thing I would add would be sourcream with horseradish in it for the brisket in case some people don't want BBQ sauce. You only need about a cup of it. I guessed you were in the Midwest. In California we might have the same thing except with a fruit plate or salad instead of the potatoes. Wonderful meal. Have fun

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You might want to get your husband to ask around to make sure no-one has a shellfish allergy.

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Will this pe served as a buffet? So everyone and pick and choose? If so, I would add a block of cheese ( Sam's has some very nice Jarlesberg) and crackers or some of Sam's mini quiches to the mix.
And frankly it all seems terribly "saucy" a lot of gloop on the plate at once. BBQ beef, saucy potatoes and baked beans all sounds like it might run into a puddle on the plate.
Linda C
I would substitute some sort of veggie for the beans.
and if you are planning on people making sandwiches I would choose some roll other than the crescent rolls from Sams....although they are good.

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My husband is a meat and potato guy and we are in the midwest. I am trying to make the menu to his liking. The horseradish sauce is a great idea and I always have those ingredients around. Linda it does sound saucy. Maybe roasted potatoes would be a better idea. And I think I will add cheese and crackers with the shrimp course!

Thanks all for the help. Great suggestions.

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I agree with doing roasted potatoes instead of the casserole. Or you could do a baked potato bar with sour cream, chives, bacon bits, cheddar cheese, etc... I also like the idea of adding cheese/crackers/maybe some grapes for the appetizer. That way people who don't like shrimp have something else to eat. And the horseradish sounds like a good alternative. Hope it works out well for you!

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Doesn't the baked potato bar sound good? It also sounds easier than roasted potatoes. With cheese/crackers, & grapes you could almost skip the shrimp if you run out of time. Altho Costco/Sams has those shrimp platters already fixed.

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