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lunchlady1948October 23, 2006

HI! Ladies

I am late posting sorry, I am training my new asst to do my job so if I am out she can be me~~~so I had to be good and not be late!! SHEESH!! I just got a jury summons~~~for Nov20th that is Thanksgiving week and we start a shut down on the 16th like I want to go to jury duty during my vacation time:(

My weigh in is on Friday so I am really being extra good:)

Drinking lots of water too

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Boy that's a bummer! Hope you either get dismissed on the first day or get a really cool case that makes it worth your while.

I'm doing well this week. Wearing dress pants I have not worn in a year, and wearing a new vest-style winter coat that someone gave me last spring, which didn't even zip. Now it fits me great.

I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse, but I lose weight above the waist first LOL

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Wow that is a real downer...and it's not easy to get off if they select you, I have heard...Trek..good job girl....I just don't seem to be able to get below 145/146...and it is bugging me...this morning I weighbed 149...what's that all about...People are noticing that I am losing though and I am getting lots of reactions....My husband even continues to comment...I am loving it...Have a good week and eat good...but stay on plan...

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Ruthie and TK, good for you two!! It is wonderful when people start remarking on how good you look:) I love it! And being able to wear your smaller clothing is the best!! I say that as I sit here in a pair of capri pants that are even as I am sitting a bit large in the waist:) YUP, we can still wear capri/shorts here~~it was 97 yesterday POOHIE!!!

Guess What I did last night?? I went for a walk after dinner:) And I hate walking in my area, we do not have hills but there are small inclines everywhere that really make me huff:( I loved it, wore the wrong shoes so my legs were hurting a bit, I do not know if I even went a mile LOL!! I have been wanting to walk on days I miss CURVES, if my pal is not going and I have errands to do, I will skip it to do the errands before the traffic gets too bad it is getting worse daily here with all of the new home building! Do you all have that problem??

Have a great day, I am off to work! I drink 32ozs of water while at work (only 4hours) I spend most of my time in the bathroom:)

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Ruthie, i'm only in week 8 so hard to say this time around. But if you want to budge, I'd say focus on the 5 fruits and veggies most, and see if that gets you off the plateau!

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I can get out of jury duty for 90days, I am calling the courts tomorrow and rescheduling it:) I do not want to do it over any of my vacations I will not get paid by my employers~~I have time off in Nov,Dec and Feb, I want to hand pick my week:) Let's see if they let me do it??

I am eating my fake eggs, an orange and banana right now YUM!

I drank so much water yesterday I was in the bathroom most of the day LOL!! But it worked my bloating is down~~I crave salty foods and then I bloat:( Dairy bloats me too, DH and I went for Mexican on Sunday that really made me feel uncomfortable~~~why does everyone want Mexican??

I am finally going to make it to CURBES today I need to go the next three days and do my WI Friday evening~~I have my fingers crossed no sure what happens if I am over my goal:( I do not want to find out either!!

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arghhhhhhhh I ate 4 oreos last night...now what made me do that....I have been so disappointed at just hanging in here at this weight and not being able to get down and last night I did the what difference does it make thing and ate 4 cookies...now of course I'm full of remorse....A new day today and a new beginning...how many times have you heard that one...

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Ruthie I hear it daily from myself:( I am really having a problem with my snacking:( My meals are good right on program it is the evening snacking that I have problems with and now with the time change the evenings will be longer:( I have lots of 100 cal snacks on hand and WW's low point snacks but I will eat too many of them if I do not watch myself:( I love salty food I just crave them and they make me retain water:( I just can't kick the snacking!! HELP!!!!!

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WI went well. Down another .5 - I think i'm total of 6.5 pounds in 8 weeks. Nice track record. I know I can do better. Not doing my dairy or fruit like I ought to....but I'm happy!

I find that if I am in the mood for an afternoon snack at work, I have my dole Fruit Cup first then it curbs the hunger.

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DH and I had WI last night and we both hit the 25 lb. mark! Now, I have a long way to go, but I pulled out some clothes I haven't worn in a very long time and guess what? They fit!

We're doing CORE and I just wanted to share with you that we found a recipe on WW website for a CORE dessert called Banana Couscous Fruit and Pudding Parfait. DH loves tapioca and has been wanting some, and this satisfied him, and the portion is large enough to make him happy.

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TK and Donna YAHOOO!!!! On your WI's!!! Mine is in about 35 minutes~~I did my pre WI @ CURVES And their scale is always off 1lb if it stays that way I will be right on or 1lb over. That is good, but what am I going to do about my salt craving:( ????? I buy the WW's pretzels and I love them but they are not salty enough:( I am like a crazy woman wanting salty, crispy stuff~~~

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Morning Ladies...congrats on the weigh ins...I got my exercise in yesterday and hope to do so again today...I so wish I had a treadmill at home but I do have a gazelle ...I didn't weigh this am...thought I would try to stay away from the scale for a few days. I had a good eating day yesterday so I'm not concerned...DH wanted burgers for dinner so I made them for him and cooked salmon for me...It was super good...Hope you all have a greeeeeeeeeeeat Sunday and stay on plan...

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My WI was right at my goal, my last two WI's were 1lb under my goal, so far it is all good:) WHEW! At my WW's meeting there is now one other woman that is doing Core:) She has lost 56lbs on it and loves it. I think why most folks do not care for it as much is because they are not as into the wheat type products~~it seems that most of the gals do not even want to try it at all:(

See you all Monday:)

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