need quick and easy decorating ideas

bettylou49September 30, 2002

I just got roped into doing the decorating for our church celebration on Oct 13th. I have less than 2 weeks and I need 30 table centerpieces, decorate the stage, the serving line and the entrance to the fellowship hall. I have bales of hay and corn stalks spoken for and some pumpkins but I need a lot of help yet. The table centerpieces are what has got me worried. Any and all ideas appreciated. Thanks

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I don't know what your budget is, but for the centerpieces for the 30 tables - Tall globes with orange candles, and around the base, lots of fall leaves (you can get them in packages at craft stores or WalMart), sprinkle candycorn around.

OR, use the brown Kraft bags (weighed down with rocks or sand) and put 3 balloons on sticks inside each one - orange, brown, yellow? with lots of straw hanging out of the bags and onto the table.

OR, on each table put one each of 3 types of glasses (wine, champagne, brandy), fill 1/2 full with water and get the floating candles in orange, brown, yellow, then scatter some fall leaves around.

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Just thought I would let you know what I decided to go with for my decorations. It really turned out pretty that produced lots of compliments. I took a small size pumpkin and cut the top off,leaving all the strings and seeds etc inside. Then I arranged 3 large silk sunflowers and a variety of wheat in each one. (the "insides" helped to keep the flowers in place) Then I bought several yards of burlap and cut squares from that for the pumpkins to set on. I frayed the edges on them to make them fit the decor. I then scattered fall leaves around the centerpieces. Added the green, yellow and orange wrapped silverware ,tied with raffia made the tables very colorful. That was just the tables. I won't bore you with what we did to the entrance and the stage because that might get too lenghty. But, WOW did that turn out nice. It definately looked like "Harvest" time as was our theme. Thanks for helping me out.

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Sounds like a grat job Bettylou.


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