Weekly Weigh-in Week of 10/25/09

harold14370October 25, 2009

Hello, everybody.

The results from last week's weigh-in were as follows.

Harold - Weight 193, lost 3, total lost 82

Eklektos - Weight 138.5, lost 1, total lost 13.5

Jasmi - Weight 132.2, lost 0.6, total lost 15.6

Ivamae - Weight 168, lost 1, total lost 24

Marita - just joined, no weigh-in yet.

This week's result for me

Weight 194, gained 1, total lost 81.

Average Calories - Food 2016, exercise 264, steps 11618

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Hi Harold... 80+ pounds is a big number . Are you using pedometer to count your steps?

My weight was 131.4 this morning . I was hoping to get to 125 by mid Nov. I am disappointed to see that's not going to happen .Anyway, if I can lose atleast 2 pounds by then, that would be great. I wanted to speed up my weight loss. So started on my squatting cd again on Sunday. I felt so good while working out but from next morning I could not walk with out limping :-)

Hope all you guys had good week.

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Yes, that's pedometer steps. I think a pedometer is a good way to keep track of how active you have been through the day. For $5.00 at Walmart, I figured I might as well get one. Congrats on the 0.8 lb.

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Glad to hear where you can buy a pedometer.

I'm thrilled to weigh this morning and see that I have lost 2 more pounds. That is a shock as my calorie count was up a few days this week to around 1300 or a bit more. I'm happy, very happy, if I lose a pound a week. I'm now at 166. Although, I would like to weigh about 145, I will be extrememly happy with anything under 150.

The thing that is so great, is that I don't feel deprived, except I would like the odd muffin. I'm afraid I would be like the alcholic who took just one drink. I doubt if I could have just 1 muffin, so best I leave them alone for now.

This group has been a real inspiration for me. Thanks, Harold, and all the best to the rest of the group.


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Hi everyone! Just popping in. Things have been hectic. Seriously need to look into buying another bicycle.

I'm at 138, so I lost two pounds. All I did was lay off the cheese. I'm a serious cheese addict. Still comfortable, but would like to get back down to 130.

I'm so happy to see that everyone is doing so well!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to you all :)

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I'm back to 137. This was a good week for me, even though I ate a little more on Sunday than I should have. I still made very good progress. I am really optimistic at this point that this will finally be the week I make it below 137. I've been bouncing around 137--139 for months now.

Journaling what I eat is key for me. Next time I stop writing stuff down, I want all of you to give me a good, hard, cyber kick in the pants. Out of sight is out of mind, and when I don't see how much I'm consuming, I don't restrain myself like I should. 1300 calories max per day of the right foods is where I need to stay to lose, and that is totally doable as long as I keep track. It is also low enough that a few extra nibbles here or there really can push me far enough over the top to start gaining again.

Congrats to jasmi, ivamae, and ss for their losses this week too. Jasmi, I know how squats hurt. Good for you that you do them. Harold, you're amazing. Keep up the good work.

Onward and downward...

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Ivamae, you're doing great. Don't get too excited about the 2 pounds, though, and don't get discouraged if it goes the other direction next week. That's something we all learn - your weight will go up and down sometimes. If I were you, I'd go ahead and have a cupcake every once in a while, but just one. Too many people deprive themselves, then one day they give in to temptation and go on a binge. Pretty soon, they've fallen off the wagon. That's what the experts all say, anyway.

Silver and Eklektos, glad to see everybody checking in, and doing well.

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Good Morning,

It is good to hear that everyone is doing well.

Harold, if I don't get busy you will be zooming down past me so fast I'll get vertigo! I'm going to Walmart today and will try to find a pedometer while I'm there. Maybe that will get me out of this LONG holding pattern I've been in.
I miss the time I spent here. But, right now life is soooo busy. I have been to a Dr's office 11 times this month. Most of those were taking Aunt B. Twice was for Son(sinus)and me(ear infection/shingles).
3 times with Aunt B I was also treated for either ear infections or shingles or both. Stress city here!

I am trying to find an affordable sitter for Aunt B that can come in at least a couple of times a week so I can escape and have some ME time. It would be HEAVEN and I could at least go walking.
If the new meds don't start helping more with the dementia/Alhziemers we will have to give in and find a nursing home. She has started to get mean (not physical yet) and since I'm her primary caretaker, I'm on the receiving end of her verbal wrath.
My body is responding to the stress by getting sick and staying sick. The DR has already told me I can't do this much longer. The end of the tunnel is coming, but I can't quite see the light yet.

Weight-wise I am at least satisfied that I'm still under 160 this week. Food temptations are strong and the only exercise I get is running around trying to keep house, do laundry, errands, etc. I have felt so crappy,health-wise, that I haven't taken the time to prepare healthy alternative snacks and meals for myself. I just do what I have to do to get something that everyone else will eat on the table so I can get the kitchen clean and fall into bed.
I have enjoyed trying a few new recipes, but most aren't exactly what you would call healthy... LOL... I always go into a cooking/baking mode when fall arrives.
The only good thing about that is, I take a lot of it to my sick neighbor. DH, DS(who never gets full), and Aunt B clean up the rest pretty quickly!

I know this post is long and sounds really negative. I don't want it to BE negative. I love her and will never regret this time I've been able to keep her out of a nursing home and spoil her a bit. She never had kids and loves it when the Gkids are here. We've had some great laughs and, as much as her health and dementia will allow, she has been very happy since we brought her here in June. The day she has to leave will be a sad, bittersweet, day.

I've been so busy that if I've checked in here at all it has been very short. Y'all are my cyber family and I just wanted you to know that I AM GOING TO LOSE SOME MORE WEIGHT and to take a minute to sort of fill in the blanks of this LONG STALL.

I was 159 when I weighed this week. No loss, but no gain either. For that I am thankful.

Keep up the good work, everyone. It gives me hope.

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