Halloween costumes for couples

whazzupSeptember 26, 2002

Okay - I don't want to wait til the last minute like I usually do. I'm looking for suggestions for costumes for couples. Something not rented, something we can make or purchase without spending a fortune. Did you see anything last year that was a "hit"? Or.... are you so imaginative that you can come up with something? :) Thanks!

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So much depends on the couple. What body build and what sort of thing you actually like. What sort of spending do you want to do and can you sew?

Lee AKA Fireraven9
Las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso. (Ideas should be clear and chocolate thick.)
--Spanish proverb

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Go as AC and DC. He plugs into her and she lights up.

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I'm short and my DH is very tall -- I always wanted to go as the Jolly Green Giant and the little bean sprout, but DH wouldn't put on tights!

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Seems like the couple costumes that have some humor always have it at the expense of one of the two-- so your options are wider if at least one person doesn't take themselves too seriously.

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I have known of a couple of good costumes for couples.

Many years ago, my Mom went as a pimp and my dad as a hooker. They just bought clothes from a thrift shop. They did it in 1930's style, so dad's dress was a flapper dress and mom had a Charlie Chaplin like tuxedo and mustache. They were a riot.

Along those same lines, at our party last year, one VERY pregnant lady came as a hooker and her husband was a 70s style pimp. They purchased matching purple satin outfits. The huge hat on the man made my Rottweiler very angry though.

Also last year, one extremely talented lady came as a princess in a period costume that she made herself and would put any purchased costume to shame. Her husband was her prince, of course.

DH and I have gone as Batman and Catwoman (that was fun).
We purchased the masks but made the rest of the costumes ourselves, which not only saved a lot of money, but the costumes looked better.

Trying to think of other couples costumes:

Raggedy Anne and Andy
Cleopatra and Mark Anthony
Death and victim
Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein

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Robin Hood and Maid Marion
Bride and Groom
Devil and Angel (very fun when the guy is the angel and the girl is the devil)
Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head
Bo Peep and her sheep
M & M's

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I once went as a pig and husband was the farmer. I wore a pink sweat suit with baby bottle nipples sewn down the chest. I found pig ears and nose at a party shop.

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My daughter wants to be a PowerPuff Girl so I'm going to dress up as Miss Bellum (she's a redhead who wears a red suit... I have both red hair & a red suit so that's taken care of!).

My boyfriend is going to go as a "bad guy" from the Gangrene Gang to complete the trio. He will just wear all black and paint his face green.

(For those of you who have no clue what Cartoon Network is, this just made no sense)


- darkeyedgirl

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One year I was a vampire and my husband was a vampire slayer. I had a black cape, fangs, and lots of makeup and blood capsules. He had coveralls with "blood" splattered all over him and a tool belt with wooden stakes, a crucifix, a bottle of "holy water," and a strand of garlic. It was pretty cute. You could also be a dragon and dragonslayer. Another couple was a devil and angel. I also love the pimp and hooker idea. Or a cowboy and saloon girl.

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a couple came to one of our party's once as crash dummies...wrapped them selves in white, spilled some blood on them and took old car parts and hung them from their body's, was great.....

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Lot's of ideas here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Costume Ideas for couples

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One year hubby was a mummy and I was queen of the nile, another year we went as gangsters,another time he was a monk and i was a french maid, sumu wrestler and geisha, whacky tourists, carmen miranda and hula gorilla (w mask,grass skirt, bra and coconuts), and a comfortable one was dr.coats or greens with masks on when we walked in. You could also do spanish girl and mexican outlaw.(big sombrero and pancho)

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We had the most fun the year I was pregnant nun and DH was a priest.

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This is going to be our costume: have the man wear a black sweatshirt; using iron-on letters, put a large E in the middle, put the word Virus somewhere on the shirt, and attach the label from a can of SPAM, and he can go as "e-male".

The woman can wear black also, wear a necklace made of large gold paperclips, put some garbage (trash) on the shirt, and she can be the "attachment". This can be embellished as much as you want in its context.

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My son is going as a doctor and his date as a pepper--Dr. Pepper.

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Last year my husband was on crutches. So I dressed as a nurse with lots of lipstick, and he had "kisses' all over his face and a bra draped around his neck. Pretty funny -

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