New WW's Points Plus

RuthieG__TXOctober 3, 2011

So what is everyone thinking about the new Weight Watcher's program? Are you happy with it. I have been reading the boards and it seems like a mixed bag. I've lost 6.4 pounds in 2 weeks time. Of course you always lose the most the first week or should I say, I do. Looking forward to staying on program though because I know WW's works and it's a good healthy way to lose.

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I'm 7 pounds down now (of a total of 15 that i want to lose)in close to three months. It's very slow going when down to the last pounds. It has kept me accountable at least. I don't love recording every bite, but hey...if that's what it takes, that's what it takes.Your loss is VERY GOOD. rinse, lather,& repeat as they say! :)

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I lost 25 pounds WW PP online, lost my mom in June, gained 20 pounds back. Started going to meetings. Have lost about 18 pounds again. This last month I have been sparring with myself and losing a bit and gaining the same little bit.
I am a stress eater and have boatloads of stuff going on right now. Every day is a struggle, but I am trying..
I like the Points Plus program, but lost faster on other programs.

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I am a life time member and don't really keep track of the new ways they change the program. I weigh in once a month and this keeps me accountable.
I think most plans will work if you are honest and actually DO them. We all have a tendency to "cheat" . The truth is, if you do, you gain weight.
When I was in my twenties it was easy to lose the extra few pounds quickly. Now in my fifties, it takes forever to drop a pound.

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