Adult party games wanted

good36September 30, 2002

Anyone know of games to play at adult only parties? I have used up all my games in the past. Thanks


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Have you played the candy bar game?

How about Nertz?

Mama elephant?

Celebrity on your back?

Newly wed game?

Who's line is it?

If you need more info. post again.

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There is a wonderful game called Balderdash. It is an adult game for people who like to read and know strange words.

Lee AKA Fireraven9
Las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso. (Ideas should be clear and chocolate thick.)
--Spanish proverb

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What kind of games? Board games, card games, truth-or-dare type games? How "adult"? Are we talking strip poker or coed naked jello twister? Or more along the lines of Trivial Pursuit? Real party bash or just gathering to play games? Makes a huge difference in what I'd suggest.

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spadewomen, could you give more detail on the games please?

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If you are into movies, there is a game where one person says an actor and a movie they appeared in. The next person has to name another actor that was in the same movie then name a different movie they were in. The next person has to then say an actor that appeared in that movie as well as another movie they were in and so on and so on.

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Coed naked jello twister???? Wow! I have apparently missed out on a lot.

I second the recommendation of Balderdash. My friends and I also like Pictionary.

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I've had a games group with my girlfriends for about five years. We've been through Pictionary, Balderdash, and a few others, but the one we like the best is called Cranium. It's a combination of pictionary, trivial pursuit, charades, etc. You can probably find it on I think I bought mine at Starbucks.

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Interactive murder mystery games are about the most fun adults can have (legally:-) Here are 2 places that I recommend. We have played many of them but these are the best ones we found:

Murder Mystery Games -
Games for up to 200 players. These were a lot of fun to play, but the 2 we played both had drug themes which we did not care for, but they were still very well written and everyone had a good time in spite of that.

Dinner and a Murder Mystery Games -
The game was a 1920's gangster game for 12-20 people. It really was a blast. They say they will be adding new games every month and plan on doing some kids and teen games in the near future, so if anyone enjoys these I would keep my eye on them.

Both sites have a newsletter you can sign up for to be notified of new games when they come out.

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I need clean games for adult sunday school class to play that are a lot of fun.Do you have any?
Thanks, Linda

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Spadewoman....what is the Candy Bar Game and Mama Elephant?

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I'd suggest visiting for games. They have like over 1000 games or something. Plus they help you plan parties too. It's great.

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i was wanting to find out how to play the games of nertz,celebrity on your back,whos line is it

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celebrity on your back, if it's the same thing i'm thinking, is where ahead of time the host writes name of a celebrity or famous person on index cards. as your guests arrive, you attach a card to their back. during the course of the night, each person gets to ask other guests a question or two until they guess the name on their own back. the only thing i'm having trouble remembering was how that person went "out" and how a winner was declared. but the concept is the names on the cards, posted to the back and the questions.

nertz is a card game

candy bar game...maybe this one
Here is a good game for groups to play. Use the first part of each one to name a candy bar. someone is the moderator or it's written on paper with lines for guesses.
1. Famous swashbuckling trio of old - 3 Muskateers
2. Indian Burial grounds - Mounds
3. Galay - Milky Way
4. Red Planet - Mars Bars
5. Home of movie stars - H ollywood bar
6. Not laughing out loud - Snickers
7. Can't hold on to anything - Butterfingers
8. A famous author - O'Henry
9. A famous former baseball Player - Baby Ruth

  1. Famous NYC street - 5th Avenue
  2. Twin Leters - M&Ms
  3. Superman's other identity - Clark Bar
  4. A sweet sign of affection - Kisses
  5. Favorite day for working people - Payday
  6. What bees make - Bit o' Honey
  7. Nut Happiness - Almond Joy
  8. Pleasingly Plump - Chunky
  9. Two female pronouns - Hershey
  10. A feline - Kitkat
  11. Single women looking for him - Mr. Goodbar
  12. Round flotation devices - Life Savers
  13. Sun Explosion - Starburst Candies
  14. Bite w/crackling noise - Crunch
  15. Determines who wins most games - Skor Bar
  16. A Dry Cow - Milk Duds

i have no clue about mama elephant

maybe who's line is it is to name memorable quotes or lines from movies/songs/books/speaches and people have to guess.

outburst is another great game as is scattegories.

have fun.

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This is going to sound strange. But, trust me, it is hysterical. Might not fit the church group mold, but others, really, trust me.

Have all of your guests bring a roll of toilet paper to the party. OK, I hope I didn't lose you already. It's called Mummy Wrap. Everyone partners up -- teams of 2 only. Someone says GO and the object of the game is to be the first to use up the entire roll of toilet paper by wrapping your partner as a mummy. We did it with a group of 30 and 40 somethings -- hysterical. We laughed until we cried. It's interesting to see the techniques folks use for something so silly -- so much overthinking! One engineer friend was plotting how many times the paper would go around his partner and then did the math to figure out best balance ratio, just crazy. (Our artist friend won -- he made his partner lie down and instead of circling her with the paper, he passed it from hand to hand). Now, get out there and have some fun!

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Battle of the Sexes
is a fun game, sold at most department stores

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hi you guy do anyone know want games to play at a toy party or any ideas? i want to spice it up a little

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My friends love CatchPhrase.

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Hi dee dee, at my sex toy party, we played I never with musical chairs. For ex. the moderator may say, I never, or have you ever kissed a girl, if you have, you move over 1 seat. The girl to make it around and make to her seat first, wins.

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This is a fun game that I played recently at a 4oth birthday, but of course I think it's suitable for any adult party.

Name That Tune

Adapt a TV game show as a perfect adult birthday game.

You will need: Pre prepared recording of a selection of the birthday person's favorite songs. (30 sec for each song). A small prize. A noise making item for each team e.g a bell, a whistle, a horn, a rattle, clackers.

Object of the game: For the guests to name that tune and identify the artist. A fun addition to this game is where the birthday person has to dance to the songs as they are played.

# If there are many people you could group them into teams, alternatively individual or pairs will suffice.
# Explain the objective of the game.
# Play the first song and have the birthday person get up and dance (optional).
# The first team to to sound off their noise making item can have a chance to name the song and the artist singing. If correct they get a point.
# If they are wrong, they lose a point and a another team can have a go, once they have used their noise making item.
# For extra point they have to know what year the song was a hit.
# Repeat with all the songs.
# The team with the most points at the end wins the game.


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I'm a gamer too...

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