rebounder or less expensive trampoline?

mar_ciaOctober 31, 2006

Can anyone tell me if the Rebounder is really better than the $20 trampolines I see lately that look the same? I have wanted one for a while and the $20 versions are tempting. Also, if any of you have one, does anyone have the front railing that attatches that you can hold on to? Seems for me that would makes sense...keep me from jumping off and hurting myself !!!

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I have an Urban Rebounder and I like it alot. The $20 ones are not very comfortable nor safe. If there is any way to test out the better rebounders I would do that. You will tell the difference. Even between the different higher end brands there is a difference in the bounce. By the way you can usually get a really good deal from HSN for the Urban Rebounder.

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