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bresciaOctober 28, 2009

Hi, my name is Robert. I just was made aware of the Dr. Simeon's 'weight lose cure protocol'. I do have some, I mean alot of weight to lose. I have always worked out with weights everyday and then life just got in the way and I stopped. I never thought I was overweight until I had an insurance physical and then a ton of brick hit me and I started to cry. I am a very spiritual person and believe in God and in divine intervention, which lead me to this forum. I really want to start a new life for myself and my beautiful family. But I am kinda confused about something. I need to have hCG correct? I don't know how or were to get it or who to buy what from. I really don't like needles so if there is an oral type that would be great. Can someone please help me. Thank you Robert

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Hi, Robert.

It's good that you got your wake-up call in the form of a physical. In my case, it was being diagnosed with diabetes.

Can't help with the hcg, but I don't think you really need it. I lost weight mainly just by counting calories, cutting back on the junk food, and getting in a little exercise.

I know the panicky feeling when you know you have to lose a lot of weight. Still, it's best to take it kind of slow. Do it the right way and avoid the fad diets.

We'll be glad to help any way we can.

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