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Seely2October 11, 2001

I was thinking about purchasing a Sensible Gym and wondered (from those that have them) if I would still see results even though I am overweight. I have been told that muscle burns more fat but I have also heard that you will just end up with muscle under your fat. I am also watching what I eat and doing the Walk Away the Pounds program. I am about 60 pounds over weight. Will this be a waste?


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No, doing strength training on the Sensible Gym will not be a waste (I have a Total Gym). However, you must be realistic about what your results might be. Certainly, to see clear definition and muscle toning, you need to lose excess fat. While building more lean muscle mass DOES burn more calories--even while you're at rest--it won't burn enough to melt away all your excess weight without your doing other work, like the Walk Away The Pounds workout you mentioned. (I am also a speedwalker).

In addition, you need to moderate your diet, eat more healthy foods, eat less fat and sugar, eat fewer calories overall--guided by a nutritionist, or at least, good sense, to insure you don't take in too few calories. Starving yourself is unhealthy and will result in your body trying to hold onto every calorie it takes in.

Overall, if you do the above, you will see results. The Sensible Gym, or any strength training workout, is valuable not just for building muscles which "show," but also for building greater bone density and greater overall body strength, which is important to help protect against injury and the other infirmities which we all face as we age. And look, even if--for argument's sake--you didn't lose ALL the 60 pounds you want to, you're still better off being slightly overweight and STRONG and LIMBER than just being overweight.

Anyway, just be persistent. Don't expect the Sensible Gym to be a miracle solution--there is no such thing. What it takes is dedication and patience, and careful attention to the food you eat, and portion size, and being faithful to your exercises. If you develop the exercise habit and realize this is a lifetime committment, you'll be less inclined to become impatient and give up, and you'll not only see results, but you'll FEEL good knowing you're FIT.

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Thanks for the response. I realize that it will take effort on my part regarding diet. I just have never really done strength training for weight loss. I have always heard that it should be .... cardio! cardio! cardio! Just recently I have started hearing that cardio is good for breathing and working the heart but not that great for weight loss. So I am like..ok. In any case I have tried everything...every diet known to man. I lost a lot on metabolife..but we all know how bad that is for you so I decided its back to basics! Thanks you for your time and input!

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Seely, #1 i'm glad to see that you stopped using pills. =]

#2.. I found walking for atleast an hour a day to be one of the BEST ways to lose weight. I basically lost all my access fat from eating properly and walking.
I suggest you stay away from fat and sweets like candy and soda. I ate fruits, veggies, fish, meat etc and I have lost over 50 pounds in 5 months but I *always* make sure to get an hour or more on the treadmill or day.

Once the access fat is gone, I have now started weight training, it's great!

Good Luck

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I used to own a PowerMaster Ultra Gym that I really liked and used quite often. However, I think that the actual machine that I had was kind of a lemon because eventually metal pieces inside broke and the thing kind of fell apart. It never felt too sturdy, but I don't think it was a problem with the Ultra Gym, just the particular one that I had.

Anyway, the thing that I hated most about it was that in order to adjust the incline, you had to screw in the the pin. After using it for only a few weeks, it became very difficult to get it to screw in, and was very frustrating. I've started looking for a replacement in the $100-200 range, and I'm zeroing in on the Sensible Gym or the Total Gym in stores (1500, I think). My question for Sensible Gym owners is whether the incline adjustment is a screw in piece or is it a pin you just easily slide in like the Total Gyms?

Thanks in advance.

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