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wine50September 21, 2007

My daughter and her best friend since high school are coming home next week-end for a visit along with two of their classmates. The four of them have graduated from law school. I have met the other two once or twice but don't know them that well. The four girls started law school together and have been major supports for each other all through law school. Two of the girls have never been to our home before and I would like to give them a nice luncheon. We already had the graduation thing. I guess I want to call this a "always value your friendship" luncheon. Food will be simple chicken salad and such. Anyone have any ideas for a friendship gift/favor for each of the girls? They all have been given jewlery alike for graduation so I don't want to spend a whole lot, just something simple.

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How about small leather bount appointment books? Maybe a nice pen?
Linda C

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What about giving each a nice picture frame and taking a photo of the group while they are together and sending each a print, sized fro the frame?

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lindac and bonelady... what great ideas. I think I incorporate both of them. thanks so much

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