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lunchlady1948October 2, 2006

Good Morning Ladies

It is finally cooling off here, I have so much more energy in the cooler weather, also we got my DD moved out so now I need to rearrange my house.

I just ate my fake eggs and fruit for brekkie what do you all eat?? I have to have protein at every meal esp brekkie or I just feel faint. I am going to go make my lunches now for the next two days~~tuna and veggies, I will add a fat free dressing before I eat it. I bought some oatmeal at WW's I am taking to work to have if I get extra hungry when I am running around alot I need something more.

I will be going to CURVES today also! I want to get back on track ASAP!

Remember before you eat it write it!! I got extra trackers at my WI to keep one in my purse at all times now!

Have a Great day don't forget to drink your water.

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Doing great - a bit tired - really have not rested since like Wed of last week. I need to get my ZZZZ's! On the run too much.

Wearing a T-shirt for our work today that has our new branding on it, and today was supposed to be the launch day for us to wear them.

And I'm wearing it tucked into my jeans!!! Feels good!

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Hey Ladies....been feeling rotten here..Intestional hell this past weekend but on the mend now...I had horrible stomach problems that included tremendous cramps/spasms...Don't have a clue what that was about but I was down to 147 this morning...that's not much weight lost (1 pound) for 2 days with almost no food....anyway hope I am back on track now...my abdomen is sore and stomach muscles ache but not sick at least...Don't know what the day will hold ..I'll play it by ear but I hope you all have a great day...eat well..

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Hi, I've been reading some of your posts regarding WW. It appears that you all are on the Flex plan. DH and I joined WW 10 weeks ago and between us have lost 41.6 pounds (DH 22.2, Me 19.4). I thought Flex would be the way to go, but he balked at journaling, so I agreed to try Core and if that didn't seem to work for us, he agreed to try Flex. Well, obviously it is working! I can't believe the difference already. I have tried many diets and have NEVER lost this much weight no matter how long I was on the diet. And this doesn't feel like a diet. Of course, it isn't. We all know it's a lifestyle change. On the lighter side, it's amazing how much cleaner my stove stays since everything isn't fried in an inch of grease! And it really is so much easier when your SO is doing this with you. I work full-time outside the home and his office is home based. So he insists on doing all of the weekday cooking (except it is my pleasure to daily make a huge fruit salad), and I do most of the weekend cooking.

Didn't mean to go on, but I really wanted to answer LunchLady's question about breakfast. Richard grills either a small pork or beef steak, or slab of canadian bacon and hash browns (yes, hash browns on the grill!), and I poach a couple of eggs and place them atop the hash browns. Other mornings, I cook oatmeal or cream of wheat, to which I add Sugar Twin brown sugar and a bit of fat-free half and half. That's a CORE breakfast.

He is so jazzed by our weight loss! He has taken the initiative and has been coming up with at least 2 new recipes a week and sharing them at meetings. He actually prints them up and hands them out. Other times, he mentions one of his favorite things I used to cook and I attempt to make them either core or at least very low points. It's sometimes quite a challenge, but a welcome one.

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Hey donna...you are doing great...isn't WW's wonderful...actually I really believe that WW's just teaches us control ...and you learn to control and you win...it works in all areas of life...not just diet....go off to excess on or in any part of our lives and we get in trouble...I am doing flex but have tweaked it so much...as in I do most everything lo-fat and ki gkycemic etc...I don't eat the white stuff...white bread, sugar, white flour etc etc...welcome to the group and good luck...

I had a good day today...didn't go to the gym but that was on purpose...still not back to snuff from the stomach thing so taking it easy...ate good though....

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Donna wonderful for you and your DH!!! How fun to be doing it together and I am sure it is easier!! I love it that he takes recipes to the meetings before long he will become a leader!! At my WW's the receptopnist is a man 70 years old that has lost 60lbs on WW's:)

I do the core plan, that is how I lost my 20 pounds:) I flipped to flex if I was at a stand still. The points I count now are all of my extra ones I get some for going to CURVES and I got an extra 4 a day when I went on maintence. When I feel I am getting out of control I will track my points also~~~I guess I am a fipper:)

Gotta go now and Feed Americas Kids

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I have a lot more than 20 lbs. to lose before I hit my goal. Richard and I both love to cook and sadly, consumed everything in sight. I still have nearly 50 pounds to lose, but I'm enjoying every minute of it. I am already wearing clothes that until very recently I considered giving away because I thought I'd never get into them again.

Last night I attempted to convert one of Richard's favorite desserts, an oatmeal cake, to an acceptable WW version, but it was a failure. I just dumped the entire thing into the garbage. But I'm not giving up.

His invention last night was our version of taco salad. Ground turkey and minced onions sweated until the moisture from the onions was used up, then Schilling taco seasoning mix, a bit of tomato sauce, simmered to thicken, then topped with non-fat cheddar. A huge bowl of mixed greens and other salad veggies, topped with the taco mix, fat-free sour cream and salsa. A handful of tortilla chips crumbled on top. I like to add a bit of fat-free dressing, either thousand island or catalina. The only points to count are the handful of tortilla chips. Very satisfying.

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That sounds good Donna, you are lucky to have a DH that cooks and wants to make it diet friendly:) Mine would want too, but is all thumbs in the kitchen.

WOW!! TK tucking your shirt in your jeans 'Looking Good'!!!!!

Ruthie you are doing GREAT!!!

Where are some of our other gals?? WC what cha' doing?? I notice your area is really cooling off.

I know we have some lurkers that should come on down and join us:)

I am happy I am back on track with taking my lunches to work, that was a bit hard for me I got lazy during the summer months. That is a biggie for me so I am not tempted to eat school lunch food~~ok for the kids but not good for me. So my brekkies are good, lunches are back on track~~dinner IF I do not eat out is usually good~~now I just need to STOP snacking!! That will be my bad habit to get rid of this month!!

What bad habit do you gals need to work on this month????

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Ok you all step up and kick my but....I have for the last two days gotten carried away....nothing disasterous that I could come here and say Oh I blew it but guess what....it dang well is showing up on the scale...back to the grindstone...

I'm going to the doctor this am just for the results of some tests and what he preceives as my plan and I can tell you that I am going to get right back on this horse and ride it....

Have a great day Ladies and eat good...

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I can not kick you butt Ruthie for what I do myself here and there. My b-day was Weds and I have been having dinner out almost every night with this friend and that kid:) I am going out with my mom and bro tomorrow and have two more dinner dates next week~~that is what kicks my butt:)

I just try to be very careful with breakfast and lunch.

Remember to drink lots of water

Have a Fun Friday you all!!!

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Weigh-in was last night and I have now lost 20.6 lbs! If I can manage to lose just a little less than 1 lb. this week, I will have made my 10%. I'm jazzed. DH, on the other hand, gained a little more than 1/2 lb. Once a month we visit out of town friends, and we're all so boring that the only thing we can think of to do for fun is go somewhere to eat. And I allow myself this little indulgence, since it is only one weekend a month. Well, it was last weekend, and I guess it was a bit too much for DH. But I praised his efforts and told him to keep up the good work.

I know we would lose more if we could just "get moving", but we find all kinds of excuses not to. I'm working on that.

We worked on a "friendly" recipe for peanut butter cookies this week. It still needs a bit of tweaking, but they were pretty good, and less than 1 point per cookie if you're on core.

Fruits and vegetables are our new best friends.

Have a great day, all.

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Good Morning Ladies

Donna good for you on your WI. Tell your DH we all have ups and downs with diets, just don't let it get you down and keep going. Sounds like you two are having fun with changing your eating life style and that is what it is all about making it work for you :)

Guess what my DD told me to go to KOHL's and look for Lee brand jeans in the Tried and True style, her and I both have booties and it is hard to find pants to fit our waist without taking them in or wearing a belt, I hate belts I am bulky enough on my own! I found them they looked great BUT they were not on sale and Lunchlady does not buy unless it is on sale and I have a coupon for extra % off. I did spy some crop pants which I love, same brand same type style and they fit great, were on sale and I had a 15% coupon AND a $10 gift card I had gotten in the mail from the store!! The beauty of these pants is they come 9/10~~11/12 sized. I have not seen that in ages, the 9/10 too tight in the waist the 11/12 just right:) That is my problem my waist is not as small as the rest of me~~I have to go up a size to fit it. I will be getting these jeans for work as soon as they go on sale since I throw away all of my trusty big ones I liked so well~~~had too or DD's would burn them LOL!!

I am off to visit my mom and my brother today in the next county and wearing my new crop pants:) Also a cute fall top my quilting pals gave me.

Have a good one!!

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I gained .2 at WI this week, but my pants are getting really baggy! So I'm staying the course, and I know what I didn't do this week - again it is sleeping! I cannot get enough sleep sometimes.

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Hi everyone! I am so glad I came here today! It's been weeks since I've checked in here and of course I haven't been eating right either.
I just feel so listless and have no energy. I feel that I need to start exercising again because that gives me more energy than anything. But I just can't get motivated.

Jammer tells me that I need vitamins as I definitely don't eat right. I just read Donna's statement, Fruits and vegetables are our new best friends and I think that needs to be my motto! I am leaving in a few minutes to go grocery shopping and instead of buying the usual junk I am going to buy lots of fruits and veggies.

Maybe I was meant to come by here today so that I could get on track once again.

Thanks to you all and keep up the good work! I'll try to check in more often now.

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re: Fruits and veggies. For me yes! And water too. Need more of them.

We discussed antioxidants and free radicals on our Thur meeting, and it's proven that the free radicals are 'rusting' our bodies, and that the only real weapon in that ongoing battle are good ol' fruits and veggies.

So I have frozen broccoli ready to serve with our pork tonight for dinner!!!! And I have peach snack cups for after lunch!

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