Bunco party food

yborgalSeptember 23, 2003

I'm hosting a Bunco party (first timer) and could use suggestions for food, beverages and desserts for 12 ladies. Any thoughts?

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I'm curious. What is a Bunco party?

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I loved playing Bunco, and especially loved hostessing. We were a themed type group. Our gifts were usually related somehow, picnic stuff, small appliances, beauty stuff...etc. so I liked to do the food the same way. The most popular one was a soup and salad bar. I made two homemade soups, different breads and bought everything to make a big salad bar. It was a big hit. I've done meat trays and sandwiches and bought little croissants at Costco. I made my own meat and cheese tray, it's way cheaper. I usually make a veggie tray also. Some bunco parties just serve finger food type stuff. Anyway, hope this gives you some ideas.

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Hi, I've seen y'all at the KT. This is my first time here,just checking out some different forums.

Nookie, Bunco is a dice game. I've only played one time when I subbed for someone. It was fun but I had no idea what was going on most of the night.

I think you have 4 people at each table and the one across from you is your partner, but not for very long. I think you roll 3 dice and try for ones, twos,etc. During the game somebody rings a bell for some reason, then I think you move to another table or rotate around your table, something. It wasn't hard but I just didn't know any of the rules or the people so felt out of place. I think the bell is rung when someone gets a Bunco, which I can't remember what that is,lol. Clear as mud now, you wanta play??

I would love to find a group that plays it around here and get to meet people but since I know so little about the game and no even fewer people than rules, I'll have to pass.

It's been so long ago that I played, but I think they did have nice gifts.

Hopefully Mona or DN will come back and explain the game better. I mainly wanted you to know it was a dice game.

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