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lunchlady1948October 9, 2006

Good Morning!

I do not have anything much to say so far today since it is so early and I am getting ready for work.

Remeber the jeans I bought and told you about a few weeks ago, that I was not sure if they looked to tight and young on this now 58 year olds body??? WELL, I took them to CURVES and the leader there said they were great looking and so did the other two gals working out there at the time:) Yesterday my older DD was over and I modeled them for her and my DH (his first time seeing them) my DD loved them and my DH did not seem to even notice how they looked so much different than my big jeans!! MEN!! So off came the tags and LunchLady is looking good!!

Why was it so hard for me to think I looked good?? My two best pals have me convinced that we can only wear elastic waisted and big things:( I am just not going to listen to them anymore!!

Have Fun Day!

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If you watch What Not to Wear long enough, you'll find that even petite women with small figures can wear the wrong thing! Unfortunately (at least I think it is) the only cure is a whole day of trying on.

My friend works at the Gap, and when I was at my heaviest, and in tears in the dressing room, she brought piles of stuff for me to try on. Stuff I would never have thought of! And they looked CUTE!

After that, I saw similar items at Target and tried them on, and was able to find a few good selections that were more up to date and stylish than my old 'big clothes'!!!

So carve out a long day for trying-on, and maybe take your best pals with you for support and creative ideas.

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It must be a shopping time of the month.....haha I bought two new pairs of pants...one pair of jeans size 12 ...they were toooo freaking big...now how wonderful is that...the beginning of the year I was wearing a 16....I tell you ...I am loving this...I also bought 4 new shirts, two new bras and 6 pairs of panties.....how is that for out growing stuff.....I also bought a little cutsy thing to wear in the hot tub...of course that is only when my DH is present...mostly I will probably be naked...LOL now that should be a sight to see...I do need to start making some alterations though cause I have some really nice things that I just look terrible in at the moment...I bought several new outfits for a cruise that we took in May and they are just way too big...going to start altering some things.

I didn't go to the gym...decided that I needed to go to the grocery store so I hit our gym instead and did a workout with 20 minutes on the gazelle...I really wish we had a treadmill...I think I will suggest to my DH that we should do it as a Christmas gift for ourselves or our anniversary is closer...maybe for our anniversary....

I bought lots of good stuff at the market..lo-fat...no fat...veggies...fruit and of course chicken and fish....no sweets or anything that would make your mouth water...Eating good is hard when what you really crave is a doughnut...LOL

Well Ladies...I'm going to be eating good and exercising too so hope you all are keeping it going as well...It aint fun but it sure is nice to put on a pair of pants that is only a couple of months old and have them just baggy on you...EAt Good!

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Ok you convinced me. I have an energy dip right now, so I'm off to grab my peaches, and a glass of H2O!!!!

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TK, I love What Not To Wear I really have learned alot there and with the jeans and bra show on Oprah. That is what I need bras:( I went to pay my bill at one of my fav shops and they are doing a bra fitting on the 21st maybe I should sign up. My baby DD told me last night I need to cinch my girls up better:( I think my bras are comfy but too big now:(

Ruthie, when my DD and I went vacationing this summer we stayed at a hostel and I did alot of nakeness I would not have felt comfortable doing in front of a bunch of strange women~~but I amazed myself~~funny how losing my weight made me a nudest.

How many servings of fruits and veggies are you all eating daily?? I manage6-8 if I eat a salad at lunch or dinner it brings it closer to 10.

Loving our cooler weather how is your way???

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I'm pushing to get 5 in a day, so I know I need to improve. And if the whole antioxidant thing is true, then it can only be a good thing! It's just willpower to choose a fruit when you'd rather have a carb-y snack or a dairy. I'm doing good with dairy, not so good with fruit.

I was out of peaches yesterday so I had an apple! And after I sliced it, it smelled so good that I was happy I made that choice!

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TK I always carry an apple to the mall with me to munch on. If we are going very far from home everyone in my family has an apple with them, just a habit we got into years ago and it helps me out alot now:) My GF and I were going shopping in the mountains once, I was driving and it shocked her when she got in the car I had a bottle of water and an apple for each of us in the cup holders:) She sure was happy to have it when she got a bit of motion sickness:) The next time we went somewhere far she drove and she brought water and candy bars LOL I loved it!!!

I am eating my fake scrambled eggs right now with a banana and a pear:) And tons of coffee, I think I should give the coffee up, I did once but now I am hooked again. I love it!!

Gotta go and Feed Americas Kids

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Well the down side is this...We are going out to eat tonight to a pretty nice place....and I am wearing a pant suit that I bought 2 years ago...what was I thinking...but I just can't bring myself to spend any real money on clothes at the moment knowing I am dropping sizes...so the pants are folded at the waist and although it doesn't really have a belt.. I took a belt and cinched the waist...It really doesn't look as bad as it sounds because it has an overblouse and jacket that goes over all that...

I don't have any problems getting veggies in my diet...I love them and love to eat them...today for lunch I had a sandwich of non-fat cheese and non fat salad dressing on whole wheat bread (5 grams of fiber) and on top of the cheese I added 1/2 cup of stir fried veggies.....often I make a salad of chopped lettuce, tomato, onion, pepper etc instead of the veggies but ..I stir fried enough last night for about 3 meals ....anyway it is a very tasty sandwich and very lo-cal and good...the veggies were from a store bought blend of stir fry veggies...

I'm going to try and eat good tonight...the menu is extensive but this is a dinner where the food has been prearranged so I don't know what is on tap...If nothing else, I'll just eat a small amount of what I am served...It is at a well known steakhouse so it may be steak but they do have an extensive menu...

I hope you all stay true to yourselves and remember to stay on track...it's all about you and being good to yourself.

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LOL! Ruthie I know just how you feel about buying the new things. I spent two vacations this last summer in clothing a bit too big and with belts.

Eating out has always been my worst problem. It seems everyone here wants to go out for Mexican~~so hard to find much you can eat and stay on the plan.

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Well I have good news. I can't go to WW tonight because we leave for Memphis. So I went to WW near here that has a noon meeting. And I'm down another pound. Total of 6 so far.

So I have been working so hard at work lately with no mental breaks, I hit the Avenues after the WW visit. They have an Ann Taylor Loft store, and I bought two pretty skirts, in 12 that fit super! And they are really lovely. Bought 3 CD's to listen to on the trip too.

Pretty day here right now - blue skies very enjoyable. And it felt GREAT to zip those skirts!

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Good job trekaren....I just finished my exercise for the day and am sitting here cooling off....I forgot to weigh this morning but I feel like I might be down some...I ate good yesterday...seems like I ate a lot last night but it was all low fat and low cal....We are having fish for dinner tonight...this time next week I can exercise and then crawl into the hot tub to ease the aches and pains...they are finishing up the deck tomorrow and the tub is being delivered and hooked up Thurs...

I had the results of a test from the doctor and he says I am low in vitamin D and wants me to start right away...Have an appointment on Mon so we will see what he has to say....

You guys eat good and plan out your weekend so you can stan on plan...

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Good for you TK I love the Loft their clothes are so pretty, but not for me unless I need dress up clothing which is almost never:( Jeans and tees almost forever here.

Ruthie the hot tub will be great, doesn't that help melt the inches off??? I think I read that somewhere LOL!!!

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We had WI last night and DH and I BOTH got our 10% keychains! Yay, Donna!

Keep those fruit salads coming!

Have a great day all.

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Good for you and your DH Donna!!!! I love my 10% keychain!! I have my key card for CURVES on it always as a reminder!!

My WW's leader just e-mailed me to come to the meeting tonight:) I feel so bad it is really hard to go to the mtgs now~~~Why is that??? I do my once a month weigh in and I keep telling myeslf to go! But, am I lazy or what why is it so hard to go????

OK OK!! I am going!! Let's see if I really do:(

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YEA!!!! I went:) I love going to meetings it is just a bit far to drive and they made them 1/2 later, it works for more people that way, but seems late to me.

I got some lemon bars 2pts:) I have not tasted them yet~~a pal and I are going shopping tomorrow to a new mall in our area, I think I will take us each one for our afternoon tea break:)

Good day today eating wise and I made it to CURVES good work out and now to my WW's meeting:) Nice way to start my weekend YEE HAW!!!

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My weight was the same this morning, but....I put on my first pair of size 10 pants...LOL that felt so good...I hope to get a good workout today...it is rainy and overcast so a good day for staying in.....Hope everyone has a great weekend planned and one that you can eat good but stay on plan...

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WHOA!!!! A size 10 good for you!!!! I can almost wear a 10~~my tummy has just not gone down! Usually it is the first to go~~I read in Oprahs magazine it is called a 'meno pot' and does not effect the heart like carrying extra weight around the tummy usual does. My legs are a 10 and my tummy is 11/12. My older DD says I have to do yoga and it will go away or at least tighten up a bit.

At WW's we are to set a goal to help us get through the holidays mine is to join a yoga class~~I said I was doing it last month but as you can see I did not make it! Now I have too!! I want to go to a meeting in my yoga clothes to show the gals I did it!!!

What goals would you all make????

Have a great day I am off shopping my fav thing to do!!!

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Well before you get overwhelmed with envy let me say that it was just one pair of pants...I think maybe that particular style or brand....the rest are all still 12's....I am having a really hard time moving the scale down...I think this week I will really crunch and try to get some poundage off...LOL love that word...I don't really know what else to do except not eat but I have to do something...I ate two oreo's yesterday that wasn't good but it was certainly in my point range...

Looking forward to the new week and wondering if I could manage to drop two pounds...maybe that is what we need to do ...a challenge among ourselves here.. Eat good but stay on plan...

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