Have you noticed a difference in Crystal Light?

lov2gardenOctober 29, 2009

I've been addicted to Crystal Light Iced Tea with Lemon for as long as it's been on the market and drink gallons of it every week. Last week I bought some in their new packaging. Instead of the little tubs, it's in long tubes somewhat like the on-the-go tubes I carry with me.

I mixed up a batch and thought it tasted diluted and didn't have much tea flavor so I added a little on-the-go tube to it and it was OK. The next batch was also weak and I noticed the color was not the same as usual either. I googled it and found another person on the opposite coast said the same thing.

I called the phone number for Kraft on the container and let them know. They were very nice and seemed concerned. Meanwhile, I'm going to scout out for some in the tub type packaging at other stores and do my own taste testing. I told Kraft that I will let them know. I'm also going to try adding less water to the next tube batch and see if it tastes "right".

I just love Crystal Light so much and I depend on it for almost all the fluid I drink. One of my recession strategies is to always order water in restaurants and add my own little on-the-go packet of Crystal Light. I figure it's got to save me hundreds of dollars a year! Too many times I've paid up to $2. for a glass of terrible iced tea or diet soda when I'm out.

If you notice anything different about the taste in the new oval container with tube packages, please let Kraft know too. There is a toll free number on the package.

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Water's good.

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