I am not fat, so what is it???

zoewolfOctober 31, 2007

I recently posted under the subject of "Exercising to Excess". Well, I am still excerising, however probably not as much as when it was warmer. I still feel the need though. But that's irrelevant. My question is -- since I now weigh between 104-107 lbs., have done every type of ab exercise they have on On-Demand TV as well as the AbSlide almost everyday, why do I still have what looks like a small pouch of fat hanging over my C-Section scar.

The scar is approximately 6.5/7 inches and that is the only place on my body that has anything hanging that I don't want to hang.

At this point, I believe that no amount of ab exercising will get rid of this.

Anyone know what it is? Just extra skin that I have been carrying around for the last 21 years????

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I would guess it was stretched when your baby was lifted out and if it was stretched enough it won't go back. There is no way to put back elasticity.

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What is it? It sounds like you're still obsessed with your appearance. 104-107 lbs. is too low for 5'7".... that weight is ideal for someone around 5'3".

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