Rio belt VS ab energizer

FlowersOctober 27, 2001

Here we go again!!!

Ok, is anyone know the difference of each and who is better? Someone mentioned about the Ab- enegizers battery is a power cell so that got me worried because that might just cost more in the long run, The Rio is just a simple battery but the belt costs more - urghhhhh... I really appreciate any input on this. thanks *U*


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I saw the information earlier today and dont think they mention what type of batery is used. I figured since there is a month before you can return it full money back i guess i will buy one of each and then return the one i dont like hehehehe *U*


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The only problem with buying both is you pay for shipping both ways. You don't get that back.
I really like the looks of the ab energizer, but the infomercial on the rio ab belt sounds better.

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I agree!!! What to do...

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