Gift idea for French host/hostess?

aceySeptember 11, 2002

Another couple we are friends with from Colorado, and DH and me (Georgia) are going to France in October. DH had a young intern here at his company on an interntaional student visa. She is marrying, so we figured might as well make a vacation out of it, and go to her wedding there! We plan several days touring Paris, other areas, and will end up in Lyon for the last 4 days, to do the wedding, and then some local touring there. Naturally, her father and mother feel deeply indebteded to us for having hosted their daughter to our work and home for ten weeks (this was 3 years ago). I know they are planning to play "special tour guide" with us and our friends (for a couple days AFTER the wedding!) What small, toteable item would be proper to bring to her parents? Also, the girl is so delighted that we are able to go for her wedding event, she says "that is gift enough for my wedding", but should we go with a wedding gift for her and her spouse? If so, what?

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Definitly take a wedding gift! Lenox china is nice. It's an American product and you can buy a small exquisite piece that won't take up a lot of room in your suitcase.
Linda C

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Do you have any photographs of you, your husband and the girl? This could be a present for her parents. Maybe you could make a copy of your photo and put it in a nice picture frame? That way it wouldn't be to big to take along & you could put it in your carry on luggage. Remember to take along some wrapping paper & tape (no scissors) or a cute little gift bag with tissue paper. If you pre-wrap your gift, the airlines will make you unwrap it for security reasons.

For the girl, why don't you do something similar? Buy them a silver picture frame and have their names and the wedding date engraved on it.

Hope these ideas help. Have a wonderful time!! Wish my hubby & I were going to France - oh well maybe next year!

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Of course you must take a gift. I would try to find a gift that correlates with Georgia, since that is where the young woman interned. I agree that small is the way to go. What about a nice piece of art made by a Georgian artist.

My boss bought a small piece of limestone sculpture from my DH. It was for his daughter to take to Japan as a gift to the family that hosted her. It was perfect: small, unique, handmade and from Indiana.

I would not give a gift of a photo with the intern and your husband! This takes the groom out of the picture--so to speak, and could possibly be misinterpreted.

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I believe Robinski's idea was to give the picture to her *parents* not to the bride. I think it's a great idea to give her parents such a picture. Especially when they feel so indebted to this couple for helping their child 3 years ago, why not give them a nice picture of the time she spent in the States? The groom was no where in sight back then so it would and should not be seen as a put down.

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I got that the first time DivaOverhaul2003. I intentionally did not give examples of a gift to the bride and groom; I simply noted that one should be given.

Acey, I believe this gift should be on an adult basis and independent of the child/daughter who is not a "child" any longer. You are meeting new people and traveling to new places (I assume), which to me symbolizes the possibility of a new friendship with these folks. Also, your Colorado friends should be prepared with a gift for these folks as well--for being tour guides.

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Thanks all! My Colorado friend and I were discussing this long distance today. Now, the Colorado couple does not know any of these people, but they are the kind of folks that take to, and enjoy and develop friendships from just such experiences. As an aside, although they won't attend the actual wedding (father of bride told me the guest list was full ((and quite frankly, that is OK with my Colorado friends))), they will be coming to the next day's post-wedding picnic and gathering in the Beaujolais country,complete with continued partying as guests of our host. (Geeze, these French do continue their parties!). They want also to bring a present to the hosts, as some of you suggested, and I'm sure a card or greeting to the newlyweds.
Anyhow, we talked of our respective gifts. I am thinking of bringing some Georgia peach preserves, or vidalia onion chutney, maybe Georgia pecans, etc. Small, easy to tote. A photo of their daughter with us during her internship time sounds good too. (Something consumable, something permanent). My Colorado friend allowed as how they have buffalo products there, as befits the area. She's thinking of some buffalo jerky or other preserved meat. (Heck, I'd like to try Buffalo jerky!). Anyone else have any good ideas what would be Coloradoan? Or Georgian? Or have we hit upon enough ideas to mark the experience adequately?

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Before you take food products, I'd contact someone at the French embassy or whatever to find out what restrictions there are on such imports. With all the BSE, foot and mouth etc problems going around in Europe I wouldn't be surprised if it was forbidden to import meat products in particular. It certainly is in Australia, and the food will be seized at Customs and destroyed.
Just a heads up- it would be a shame if your carefully chosen gifts were taken away as you entered France and then you were left with no gift and no way of getting something else.

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true, true, I'll investigate. Thanks for the heads up!!

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If this is a food swap, then yes, you have marked the experience adequately. Otherwise, who knows? Go for it. It sounds like you and your Colorado friends have an open mind and are coming from your heart and from who you are, so hopefully, the buffalo jerky or other preserved meat will be openly received too. Could turn out very well indeed. Have a great time!

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