appetizers at my house

SoniaJSeptember 10, 2002

My neighborhood is having a progressive dinner and appetizers are at my house. Our theme is "Love Is In the Air". I would love some thoughts from you all about possible table decorations, appetizers, drinks, and a short game perhaps. The "Newly Wed Game" would take too long. If you have any ideas, even silly ones, I would appreciate it.


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I had a "love theme" party once. For appetizers we had Bruscetta, I used a heart-shape cookie cutter to cut the bread slices before toasting them. For another appetizer I threaded one grape tomato, a leaf of fresh basil and a cube of fresh mozzerella onto a toothpick with a tiny wooden heart (from the craft store) glued to one end (3 per person). These were a huge hit! They were easy to make, looked great and were yummy! If you have a recipe for a cheese spread, you can line a heart shaped cake tin and fill it, chill it for a day, then pop it out and serve it on a platter with a variety of crackers.

For Drinks -
Make a "Blushing Bride": 2 oz. chilled passion fruit nectar into a champagne glass, gently add 3 oz. champagne, then 1/2 tsp. grenadine - Do not shake or stir. It's a beautiful blushing drink.

Games -
Make up a love quiz. Make a sheet with 10 love trivia questions, like "who is the goddess of love?", ask guests the questions and see who knows the most about love.

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Thanks so much for your input. I will definitely pass on your wonderful ideas to my committee.

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Any appetizers based on one or more of the following ingredients: basil, pine nuts, oysters, grapes, aspargus, avocado, and figs which are considered to be aphrodisiacs. Plus they're lovely foods.

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Progressive dinners are so much fun! I would definitely check with the 'entree' person. For instance, you wouldn't want to have a shrimp appetizer if she's having shrimp as an entree.

I would plan on having no more than 3 types appetizers, and no more than 6-8 per person. There's more food to come, y'know!

Also, I wonder about having a game of any type/length, because the other hosts' foods may not be 'keepable' for very long - like salads won't hold very long, and entrees can dry out.....???

I'm sure the entire thing will work out, and I hope y'all have a wonderful evening!

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