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meg1199September 15, 2002

Just bought a sweet little book on "jar" recipes....it came with three cards to cut out per recipe and attach to the jar......all recipes are for 1 quart/1 litre mason jars......anybody have any unique ideas for finishing off the jars, i.e., decorating the lid?? I think they would be a really different gift for my staff for Christmas and I could combine it with other things that are also homemade....

Thanks in advance!!!!



I realize that these aren't a new idea, I just haven't made them before or received one!!!

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How about a pretty christmas ribbon wrapped around the lid and glued. Then a winter scene on top of the lid? You can find cute little trees at the craft store. You can also find little tiny wrapped gifts. I think I've seen them at dollar stores before. They come wrapped in gold, green, silver or red foil with a silver or gold ribbon around them. You could take a few and hot glue them to the top of the lid.

BTW, where did you find that book? Sounds neat. I have a couple of magazines from last Christmas that have a lot of jar recipes in them. I'll check and see if they have any more idea's in them. If they do, I'll post them here:o)

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If you have or know someone who has a vacuum sealer, the jar gift may work out better. A friend gave me a choc. chip cookie jar once, and when I went to bake the cokies, the brown sugar was rock hard and I had to chissel through it to get anything out.

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